What is included in a Mummy Makeover?

Your body is something you should be proud of as a mother. After all, you’ve grown a human inside of you. Nevertheless, you can love yourself while still struggling with your postpartum body image. Even after eating well and exercising for an entire year, that pre-baby shape doesn’t always return. For some mothers, this is frustrating and can feel like a complete loss of control. Can you relate? You’re not alone. The truth is, reversing the physical changes of pregnancy is incredibly difficult. In fact, for some women, it isn’t possible naturally. The female body grows rapidly during those 40 weeks to accommodate the little one that’s on its way, resulting in irreversible changes for some women. This is particularly true for mothers who have had multiple children or larger babies. Although scars are a reminder of strength, many women are left with stretch marks, loose skin, and breasts that just don’t feel as full anymore.

The Mummy Makeover in Detail

With mummies like you in mind, we’ve incorporated a procedure to reverse the changes that occur after you’ve gone through giving birth and breastfeeding. The procedure is what’s known as the “mummy makeover” here in the UK but was originally pioneered as the “mommy makeover” in the US. It’s a combination of three popular surgical procedures designed to restore your pre-baby body including: – Breast augmentation or lift – High definition liposuction – Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) The breast augmentation will lift or enlarge the breasts using implants, although a select few women opt for no implant. Next, we go in with the tummy tuck to tighten up the lower and front abdomen. You may also require the removal of excess tissue on the sides of the stomach, which will be determined beforehand. Finally, the operation is finished off with liposuction to sculpt the upper tummy and love handles. It’s not just a cosmetic procedure—it’s a confidence makeover. For many women, their self-esteem is even better than before they had given birth. Hence the name—the mummy makeover.

Choose Mr. Sheikh Ahmad for your Mummy Makeover

If it sounds great, but you’re on the fence, the first step is to get in touch with our team so you can make an educated decision. The choice to have any surgery is personal and a big deal. For that reason, the procedure will be performed by only the best. Our very own Mr. Sheikh Ahmad has over 30 years of surgical experience, making him one of the top cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons in the UK. To determine if you’re a good candidate, Mr. Ahmad will provide a full medical and aesthetic assessment. The goal is to make you feel as informed and comfortable as possible. He’ll discuss the details of your operation, potential risks and side effects, as well as answer any questions you might have before moving forward. If you both decide it’s a good fit, then you can move forward with the mummy makeover. One thing’s for sure—the mummy makeover is simply life-changing. Most would agree that there’s nothing more beautiful than creating life. And as a mother, you deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin too. Be sure to find out more information about our services. If you give us a call or make an enquiry online today, our caring and compassionate team would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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