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The Mummy makeover

At BYC we offer what we like to call a “mummy makeover”.

This type of treatment includes 3 popular procedures and includes them into one exclusive package.

At BYC we know that as rewarding as being a mum can be, it can also be tiring and not always beneficial to our bodies, That is why we believe its important to feel good in your own skin and treat YOU.

The procedures listed in the “mummy makeover” are breast augmentation (enlargement), high definition liposuction ( Laser) and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

The Mummy makeover is the perfect solution for a total body renewal offering our Clients confidence and comfort in their own skin.

With the “mummy makeover” you could be potentially saving yourself over £1500 as oppose to paying for the surgeries individually.

During the makeover we will augment your breasts alongside removing any unwanted fat and finally tightening up any loose skin, creating that perfect summer body.

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