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Cosmetic and Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Vectra 3D Imaging

September 28th, 2013

Vectra 3D Imaging Vectra, a 3 dimensional imaging device has recently been installed in Mermaid centre at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. This will allow Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons to enhance their practice in the field of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. This high-tech device takes photos of the breast in three-dimensional mode and assesses the breast from every. More…

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Cosmetic Breast Surgeon

January 28th, 2012

Mr. Ahmad is an innovative surgeon. He was the first to successfully perform one-stage delayed breast reconstruction with permanent implant using StratticeTM (developed from porcine skin) achieving excellent cosmetic results. This new technique of delayed breast reconstruction is indicated in patients who do not want elaborate flap reconstructions but still want to have naturally looking breasts. He popularised therapeutic mammoplasty in Cornwall and has one of the largest series of therapeutic mammoplasty procedures in the region. This operation for breast cancer gives a fabulous cosmetic result enabling the surgeon to perform breast lift at the same time as cancer treatment, thus lending both oncological and cosmetic advantages to the breast cancer patients. Mr. Ahmad routinely offers patients undergoing this procedure, plastic surgery to lift/reduce the opposite breast to ensure an excellent cosmetic result and symmetry.

He has helped the unit in introducing and establishing OSNA service in Cornwall. This rapid molecular technique prevents second operation in breast cancer patients by allowing the surgeon to assess axillary nodal status at the time of original surgery and performing axillary clearance if indicated during the same anaesthesia thus preventing a second operation.

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