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Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery

Tubular breasts are a type of physical deformity that can occur in both men and women, though women are most likely to notice the changes and feel concerned about the physical effect. This deformity occurs during puberty due to the internal breast tissue failing to grow properly or symmetrically.


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#1 Cosmetic Breast Surgeon - Mr. Sheikh Ahmad

Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery

Tubular breasts are a type of physical deformity that can occur in both men and women, though women are most likely to notice the changes and feel concerned about the physical effect. This deformity occurs during puberty due to the internal breast tissue failing to grow properly or symmetrically.


2-3 Hours




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From £6600

What are Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts are a type of physical deformity that can occur in both men and women, though women are most likely to notice the changes and feel concerned about the physical effect. This deformity occurs during puberty due to the internal breast tissue failing to grow properly or symmetrically.
This abnormal growth leads to breasts that look different from average, and while it’s not a health concern for the woman, it is often an aesthetic concern. Later in life, it is also often a concern for women who wish to become mothers as it might cause difficulties in producing breast milk.

Overall, tubular breasts are not something to be ashamed of. This deformity, however, cannot be corrected outside of surgical methods to give the breast more shape and plumpness. Many women opt for cosmetic surgery to help them regain their self-confidence and achieve the positive body image they’ve always dreamed of. If you’re looking to regain confidence in your body or just want to look your best. Mr Sheikh Ahmad has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, specialising in breast augmentation and rare case corrective surgery like Tubular breasts and inverted nipple surgery with clinics in the heart of London, Truro, Birmingham, Exeter and Cardiff. 

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Tubular breasts are diagnosed based on the way that the breasts look.

Tubular Breast

Tubular Breast Symptoms

If you’re unsure if you have tubular breast syndrome, you can look for plenty of symptoms to determine if there is a problem. Your doctor should be able to confirm whether you have tubular breasts during a typical breast exam. (1)

The main symptom of this breast deformity is a lack of breast tissue both horizontally and vertically, leading to a square, pointed, or tubular shape. Another visible symptom is noticeably asymmetrical breasts – while no two breasts are the same size for any woman, tubular breasts grow at vastly different rates and can leave you with breasts that are several cup sizes different from the other.

The appearance of large, bulging areolas, or “puffy nipples”, is another symptom that can be a sign of tubular breast syndrome, as there are not enough skin cells to keep the breast tissue upright and distributed evenly. The skin around the areola may also consist of a fibrous texture and appear either over-stretched or collapsed into the skin.

Tuberous Breast Types

Types of Tuberous Breast deformity

There are multiple types of tuberous breast syndrome, which can be categorised based on our current scientific classification of tubular breasts based on various visual factors. Tubular breasts range in severity and are typically categorised by three types, as seen below, though not every woman meets every criterium for a single category. Like many other developmental deformities, the degree of severity is a spectrum rather than categorical boxes.


This is the least severe type of tubular breasts within the classification, with minor constriction of the breast tissue. The lower breast fold – where the breast meets the chest – is only minorly elevated, and there is little to no deficiency in the breasts' glandular volume. Breast drooping may still be mild to severe, depending on how the breasts develop at puberty. The areola is typically enlarged but not herniated.


With only moderate constriction of the base tissue, this tubular breast is considered the middle ground between mild and severe. The inner and outer part of the breast fold typically showcases an abnormal level of elevation, and the lower glandular volume of the breasts may present a moderate deficiency. Breast drooping may range from none to mild, with an areola that is either normal or moderately herniated.


This tubular breast has a severe constriction of the base tissue and elevation of the entire breast fold or a total absence of the fold. In Type II tubular breasts, there is typically a severe deficiency in all areas of the breast’s glandular volume, with mild to moderate breast drooping and severe areola herniation.

Tuberous Breast Treatment

How do you test for Tubular?

Testing for tubular breast syndrome is not uncommon, as many women will become self-conscious or concerned about an irregularly shaped breast. If not, when they are younger, they may become more self-conscious about it over time as they compare their breasts to other women around them.

In more moderate to severe cases, you may be able to self-diagnose your tubular breasts based on their visual appearance; however, it is recommended that you have your breasts examined by a doctor to confirm the findings. A doctor will perform a physical and visual examination to determine whether the breasts have a tubular deformity and the severity of the deformation based on the three typical categories of tubular breasts.

This examination is non-invasive, though there is no standardised way of testing for tubular breasts, so individual practice may vary from doctor to doctor. If you are concerned about tubular breasts, you should bring them to your doctor’s attention on your regular visit.

Tubular Breast Syndrome

Is Tubular Breast rare?

No, tubular breast syndrome is not rare, though it’s difficult to assess how many women in the UK have it.

Because tubular breasts show up in puberty, it is not something that can be predicted earlier in life. Little is known about the cause and development of tubular breasts, and few women seek treatment for the condition since they don’t pose any significant health risks or inconveniences.

Because of the lack of women who seek treatment or diagnosis for the condition, it’s challenging to get an accurate sample size of how many women have this specific condition. However, the appearance of the condition in regular exams and popular media can determine that it’s not uncommon for many women to have, at least as a mild case.

Tubular breast syndrome is another way to classify breast shapes and should be considered a regular shape. However, the lack of glandular breast tissue can concern those entering motherhood. Many women still seek cosmetic surgery for the condition to strengthen their self-confidence and overall body image.

Surgery Risk

Risks of Tubular Breasts

There are no health risks associated with tubular breast syndrome, though more research is needed to understand the condition better, how it develops, and how it can be prevented.

There are two main inconveniences associated with tubular breasts, and the first is in body image and self-confidence. The asymmetrical or misshapen appearance of tubular breasts can be a significant source of anxiety or worry for many women, especially when they compare their breasts with other women in the media and within their social circle.

Many women seek treatment for the condition because of this, however; the only known cure is through breast augmentation with a registered cosmetic surgeon like notable breast surgeon Sheikh Ahmad in London.

Because tubular breasts are a pattern of development that occurs during puberty, no known remedies can affect the condition outside of cosmetic surgery to correct the appearance of breasts.

Mothers with tubular breasts may have trouble lactating or may not be able to provide enough milk to their infants to supply them with the necessary nutrients and may need to seek alternative options.

Everyone Have Different Size


While almost every woman and man may have some differences in the size of their natural breasts, people with tubular breasts may experience more significant differences.

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Tuberous Breast Causes

What is the Cause of Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts can occur in both men and women, though many more women visit a doctor to correct the issue. (2) During puberty, the connective tissue in the breast is malformed, causing a lack of connectivity in the tissue around the areola, a lack of development in the glandular breast tissue, or herniation of the areola.

Overall, tubular breast syndrome still has a long way to go until more treatment options become available and we identify ways to prevent this from occurring. However, there are two main factors that science understands as contributing to deformity today.

Tubular breasts may be caused by either internal scar tissue that has distorted the breast tissue around the base where the breast connects to the chest or thin connective and supportive tissue around the breast’s areola. Both causes may also be apparent, leading to more severe cases of tubular breast syndrome.

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Are Tubular Breasts Genetic?

Tubular breast syndrome is a congenital formation of the breasts that only becomes apparent at puberty, but there is no evidence that the deformity is in any way genetic. No link has been discovered, even in instances where parents or family members have the same symptoms of tubular breast syndrome; for now, this appears to be entirely coincidental.

Mr. Sheikh Ahmad - Tuberous Breast Correction

Can Tuberous Breasts be Fixed?

Yes, tuberous breasts can be fixed with the help of cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation is the most popular choice for people who wish to have the appearance of their tuberous breasts lifted, often for reasons pertaining to self-confidence and positive body image. Because tuberous breast syndrome does not present significant health risks or defects, appearance is the only concern.

Mr. Sheikh Ahmad - Tuberous Breast Correction

Treatment Options for Tubular Breasts

Currently, the only treatment option available for tubular breast patients is to have it repaired or augmented through cosmetic surgery. While many “natural remedies” on the market claim to help improve the appearance, shape, and plumpness of breasts, they are not necessarily meant for tubular breast syndrome and have low efficacy.

You should always consult with your primary doctor before seeking medical treatment for tubular breasts, as cosmetic surgery comes with its risks. You should be aware of any underlying health conditions that could affect your ability to perform cosmetic surgery safely.

Mr. Sheikh Ahmad - Tuberous Breast Correction

Tubular Breast Correction Surgery

Always ensure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose to work with is familiar with tubular breast syndrome and that the condition has been appropriately assessed, giving you the best chance of recovering correctly with the correct procedures. At Mr. Sheikh Ahmad’s clinics, breast augmentation and surgery are popular choices for patients who want to work with an expert in the field.

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Side Effect

Procedure Side Effects

Side effects may be associated with any cosmetic surgery procedure or poor healing during the recovery time. However, the most common side effects that may appear when receiving a breast augmentation for tubular breast syndrome are:

Suppose you have any doubts about how you are recovering from your surgery or notice any side effects. In that case, it is essential to contact your cosmetic surgeon immediately to receive follow-up care and assess the risks.

Tubular Breast

Will I have scars from Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery?

Yes, every surgical procedure will result in some form of scar tissue. An excellent cosmetic surgeon, however, can make incisions in areas that are easy to camouflage and cause minimal scarring.
Tuberous breast surgery may require that incisions are made in prominent areas. However, these scars are often small and heal well over time. If you are concerned about where incisions will be made, ask your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation to ensure they are aware of the concern and can make any special considerations regarding your procedure.

Can I Breastfeed ?

Can I breastfeed with Tuberous Breasts?

Yes, you can breastfeed with tuberous breasts. While it can be challenging for some mothers to supply enough milk to their babies, it is still possible. Some mothers provide enough milk, while others might not make much, causing them to rely on formula feed or milk donations from other lactating mothers. The ability to make milk for your child depends on the amount of breast tissue your body has developed; it can become problematic when it lacks enough breast tissue to generate enough milk.

While cosmetic surgery can help correct the problem, it is essential to keep in mind that breastfeeding is not often recommended as an activity during recovery to allow your breasts to heal completely.

Tubular Breast

Cost of Tuberous Breast Surgery

The cost of tuberous breast surgery varies depending on the procedure you have done and the extent to which you are modifying your breasts. Not all tuberous breasts develop the same way, so different approaches may be required to overcome the physical differences from other breasts.

For example, some procedures may require that what little breast tissue there is is removed, and then an implant added in its place, potentially with additional skin correction to help lift the breast into a perkier shape; this breast augmentation can cost anywhere from £6600 for the procedure.

It’s important to understand that not every procedure will cost the same, and your total costs will reflect the procedures necessary to get you to your aesthetic goals. Depending on how extensive these changes will be, it may take multiple procedures to help get your breasts to their optimal shape.

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Tuberous Breast Correction with Mr. Sheikh Ahmad

Mr Sheikh Ahmad is one of the UK’s premier breast surgeons. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic breast surgery, he helps patients throughout the UK with clinics in Harley Street London, Cornwall, Birmingham, Exeter and Cardiff.

He has performed over 3,000 breast augmentations and reductions, including hundreds of breast uplift, breast enlargement & breast reduction procedures, he also provides more advanced techniques like fat transfer breast augmentation.

From the initial consultation to aftercare procedures, Mr Ahamad offers a bespoke service that is supported by a door-to-door VIP service that includes limousine pick-ups. This can be provided or arranged at a discounted rate for individuals across the UK. 

In addition to using the latest techniques, highly professional and personal one-to-one treatments benefit from having a dedicated patient advisor to guide you through the process. The unique approach has led to high satisfaction rates while continued aftercare promotes faster recoveries and sustained rewards.

Weekly clinics are held at his private locations. Want to learn more or book a consultation? Please make an appointment with Mr Ahmad by contacting his secretary at 01872 248325 today.

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