#1 Cosmetic Surgeon - Mr. Sheikh Ahmad

Spring Thread Facelift | Best Non-Surgical Facelift

Unlock the secret to ageless beauty without the scalpel at Mr. Sheikh Ahmad's Private Clinics. Our Spring Thread Facelift, the gold standard in non-invasive facelifts, masterfully erases the years, redefining your facial contours with minimal downtime. Experience unparalleled rejuvenation tailored just for you, and embrace a youthful radiance that reflects the best version of yourself. Choose transformation, choose confidence, choose the future of facelifts.


2 Hours


Local Anaesthetic


No Hospital Stay Required


3-5 Years


From £3500

#1 Cosmetic Surgeon - Mr. Sheikh Ahmad

Spring Thread Facelift | Best Non-Surgical Facelift

Unlock the secret to ageless beauty without the scalpel at Mr. Sheikh Ahmad's Private Clinics. Our Spring Thread Facelift, the gold standard in non-invasive facelifts, masterfully erases the years, redefining your facial contours with minimal downtime. Experience unparalleled rejuvenation tailored just for you, and embrace a youthful radiance that reflects the best version of yourself. Choose transformation, choose confidence, choose the future of facelifts.


2 Hours


Local Anaesthetic


No Hospital Stay Required


3-5 Years


From £3500

Non-Surgical Spring Thread Facelift Procedure: How Does it Work?

The Spring Thread Facelift procedure at Mr. Sheikh Ahmad Private Clinic is innovative in achieving a youthful look by minimising wrinkles and sagging skin. Mr Ahmad’s thread lift technique involves using specialised Spring Threads introduced underneath the skin to ‘lift’ and rejuvenate the face.

The threads used in the procedure are made of silicone – a bio-compatible material that has been safely used in medical procedures for decades. Once inserted, the threads work by providing instant lifting of the skin. They also stimulate collagen production in the area over time, further enhancing the lifting effect.

The technique is relatively straightforward. After applying a local anaesthetic, the surgical threads are inserted under the skin using a fine needle. The threads are then tightened to lift and smooth the skin. The result is a lifted, firmer appearance to the face, with no downtime required. 

In subsequent procedures, more threads can be added to maintain or enhance the result.

This procedure is particularly effective for lifting sagging skin in the neck and jawline. It can also be utilised to lift sagging eyebrows and saggy skin on the cheeks. This non-surgical thread facelifting is an alternative to a surgical facelift procedure. It provides results similar to a traditional facelift right after the procedure but without the significant trauma of surgery. The lifting effect will continue to improve as the threads dissolve, stimulating fresh collagen growth in the treatment area.

If you’re considering a non-surgical facelift, it’s right to explore the benefits of a Spring Thread Facelift. It’s an effective, safe, and less invasive alternative to traditional procedures. The thread lift represents a genuine advance in cosmetic skincare that offers the natural look of younger, firmer skin without the requirement for incisions or invasive surgery.

At Mr. Ahmad’s Private Clinic, we understand your desire for a more youthful, rejuvenated face. Hence, all our procedures, including the Spring Thread Facelift, are performed by Mr Ahmad with the utmost attention to patient comfort and satisfaction. You can trust us to deliver the desired results with the health and integrity of your skin at the forefront.


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Why Spring Threads

Benefits of Spring Threads for Skin Lifting

Thread lifts have ascended to the forefront of non-surgical treatments, offering an innovative way to experience a facelift without an invasive procedure. Mainly, a non-surgical facelift involves variances of lift threads, specifically used as the prime tool for this lifting procedure. Mr Ahmad's thread facelift primarily uses a permanent silicon thread, which gently lifts and repositions the skin to produce a more youthful and refreshed look.

Loose, sagging skin is improved with a thread lift, and one can attain a more defined face contour. Thread veins can subtly be masked using this facial thread technique. The result is a rejuvenated freshness to the skin. The use of threads not only lifts your skin but also provokes the body's healing response, causing an increase in collagen production in the treated areas and improving the skin's texture, fine lines, and volume long after the procedure.

After a thread facelift, patients often report a boost in their self-confidence, primarily due to the immediate results they see. Also, as these procedures are less invasive, they naturally have less downtime and associated risks than conventional facelifts.

At Mr. Sheikh Ahmad's Private Clinics, we offer bespoke procedures that address your particular skin concerns and work cohesively with your natural facial structure, ensuring premium results tailored to the individual.

Why Spring Threads

Spring Thread Facllift Treatment: How Spring Threads Contribute to Non-Surgical Facelifts

Silicone Spring Threads have become influential in non-surgical facelift procedures. Designed to lift and tighten sagging skin, the unique properties of Silicone Threads have revolutionised the field of cosmetic surgery for the face because they are permanent threads; the results last between 3-5 years.

Among the plethora of thread products, Spring Threads has established itself as a reliable material for thread lift treatments. They are rightly known for their high tensile strength and durability. It possesses excellent holding capacity, instrumental in lifting the skin and contributing to the face’s improved contour. The design works wonders in suspending and effectively elevating sagging skin, creating a natural and youthful appearance and delivering an enhanced, natural-looking lift to the face.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of a thread lift is not solely dependent on the type of threads employed. Your cosmetic surgeon’s skills and expert knowledge are crucial to the process. Mr. Sheikh Ahmad understands the intricacies involved in thread lift procedures and applies Spring Threads efficiently to achieve the desired results.

Every face is unique, requiring an individualised approach to thread lift treatments—considering each patient’s facial structure and aesthetic goals.

In summary, Silicon Spring Threads prove indispensable in a thread lift procedure. They offer significant benefits in creating a natural, youthful lift to the face, thereby underscoring their growing popularity in cosmetic surgery. Mr. Sheikh Ahmads patients can enjoy an effective and personalised lift.

Spring Thread Facelift Consultation

What to Expect During Consultation for a Spring Thread Facelift.

Before conducting a Spring Thread lift procedure, it's crucial to assess the targeted areas on the skin diligently. A professional consultation with Mr Ahmad can provide the best skin-uplifting strategy. Mr. Sheikh Ahmad believes in paying due diligence to the assessment phase of the procedure, as it lays the groundwork for achieving the best possible results for our patients.

Our clinics maintain a patient-oriented approach, recognising that every individual's skin condition is unique. Therefore, we utilise a comprehensive assessment method to identify the skin areas that would benefit the most from the procedure. Mr Ahmad understands that not all skin types and regions respond similarly to the thread lift treatment. Thus, the assessment stage is paramount for customising the procedure to individual skin situations.

What to expect during the consultation.

The loose and sagging skin is identified during the consultation, and a customised lifting plan is formulated whilst considering the skin's age, current health, and history of treatments. The procedure is minimally invasive, and the results are typically immediate, with the skin appearing tighter and more youthful.

The thread lift results are impacted significantly by how accurately the targeted areas are assessed. An in-depth and accurate evaluation supports a more successful procedure, increasing the chances of achieving the desired skin conditions.

The thread lift procedures conducted by Mr. Ahmad are highly effective and recognised for their long-lasting results compared to other Thread Lift procedures.

What Happens After the Procedure

What to Expect After a Spring Thread Facelift Procedure

Following your thread lift procedure, initial firmness can be experienced that settles typically within a week. The procedure doesn't have a prolonged recuperation time. This makes the procedure extremely popular among those seeking an efficient treatment with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities.

The treatment aids in improving facial contours, giving the face a youthful lift. Shortly after the treatment, you may notice an immediate improvement in your appearance. This is due to the lifting effect from the insertion of threads. However, the final results become apparent from your post-procedure healing progress reviews when the rejuvenated skin appears firmer and tighter. It's important to note that the full results are generally seen a few weeks after the treatment once the swelling has fully subsided.

The removal of threads is not usually required as they are resorbable and dissolve naturally over time. However, in the rare case where removal is necessary, Mr Ahmad can review and guide you on the safe removal.

Trusting your procedure to a reputable facility like Mr. Sheikh Ahmad's Clinic ensures your treatment goes smoothly and the results are as anticipated.

Refraining from high-impact, strenuous exercise for a couple of weeks is advised to aid in recovery and to see the best results.

When reviewed meticulously and performed by an experienced professional, the thread lift procedure is a reliable and effective treatment for facial rejuvenation.

What to consider...

Understanding the Risks and Side Effects of Thread Facelifts

As with any medical treatment, understanding the potential risks and side effects is essential before proceeding with a thread lift. Thread lifts provide substantial rejuvenation benefits and offer a unique, non-surgical alternative to the more traditional facelift.

While thread lifts generally carry fewer risks than a traditional surgical facelift, adverse reactions can occur. Patients may experience mild discomfort or swelling in the days following the procedure. Minor bruising and soreness are also typical, but these are generally well-tolerated and resolve within a week. More severe complications, although rare, may include infection, nerve damage, or adverse reactions to the local anaesthesia. Mr. Ahmad can discuss these risks in detail and propose a tailored treatment plan that minimises these potential concerns.

In addition to the physical side effects, it is essential to manage expectations realistically. While a thread lift can recreate the lifted look of a facelift, the results are more subtle and less dramatic. The skin-lifting effect of a thread lift varies among individuals and typically lasts 3-5 years when using the latest type of improved silicon threads. It’s essential to understand that a thread lift cannot provide the same degree of skin lifting as a full surgical facelift procedure.

The success of the skin rejuvenation process largely depends on the surgeon’s skills and technique. Mr. Ahmad has the expertise to comprehensively understand the side effects and risks associated with thread lifts and how best to mitigate them while getting the desired results. 

In conclusion, while a thread lift provides a beneficial alternative for skin rejuvenation, it’s paramount to understand the treatment procedure clearly, including the potential risks and side effects.

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Non-Surgical vs Surgical Facelifts

Non-Surgical Spring Thread Facelift vs. Surgical Facelift

The comparison between a Thread Lift and a traditional Facelift is gaining prominence in cosmetic treatments. Both procedures aim to address facial lines and sagging skin, mitigating the visible signs of ageing. However, the methods, recovery time, and results vary significantly. The facelift, a long-standing surgical option, involves the surgical removal of excess skin, along with the tightening of underlying tissues and muscles. This results in a smoother, more youthful appearance. However, the procedure may leave scarring, have a considerable recovery period, and carry potential risks associated with surgery.

In contrast, a thread lift is a less invasive procedure using specialised threads to lift facial skin gently. The threads, once inserted, act as a support, promoting new collagen production, resulting in tightened, rejuvenated skin.

The recovery time for a thread lift is usually shorter than a facelift, offering a more convenient treatment option for some.

The areas both treatments can target include the lines surrounding the mouth. These 'marionette lines' or 'laugh lines' are often a significant concern as they may illustrate ageing. An effective thread lift can visibly reduce these lines, offering comparable results to a facelift. Thread lifts also facilitate the removal of lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

A facelift and a thread lift are effective anti-ageing measures tailored to distinct needs and desires.

Selecting between a facelift and a thread lift depends on diverse factors, such as the cost, the extent of sagging skin, the desired recovery time, and personal preferences.

It is suggested to always consult with a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon like Mr. Sheikh Ahmad before deciding on treatment so he can guide you towards the right treatment option for achieving your aesthetic goals.

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Why Choose Mr Ahmad for your Spring Thread Facelifts

If you consider thread lifts a possible solution for facial rejuvenation, choosing the right clinic & surgeon is vital—an important decision for all potential patients. One should select a surgeon - and a clinic - committed to providing premier quality treatments and unmatched patient care. Numerous patients have chosen Mr. Ahmad for their Spring Thread lifts.

Mr. Ahmad's expertise in the procedure is well renowned in South England and beyond. His knowledge base extends further than many, with him being a reputable surgeon in the field and one of the first to offer permanent silicon threads. He is committed to investing in the latest techniques and threads to bring his patients the best results.

Mr. Ahmad understands patients' fears and uncertainties regarding any procedure. Hence, his methodology includes: Educating patients about the procedure. Letting them know what to expect, Incorporating measures to minimise any possible side effects of the thread lifts and he engages his patients in discussing their areas of concern and works towards achieving the best possible results.

Deciding on a thread lift can be a life-changing decision. It affects not only your facial features but also your self-perception and confidence. The experience and expertise of Mr. Ahmad have made him stand out in the field of thread lifts. With him, you can be confident you are in safe hands.

Weekly clinics are held at his private locations. Want to learn more or book a consultation? Please make an appointment with Mr Ahmad by contacting his secretary at 01872 248325 today.

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Mr. Ahmad has contributed to ground-breaking developments in the world of cosmetic breast & body surgery and he has trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the UK. As a result of his extensive training and experience, he is able to provide you with an honest assessment of whether or not your expectations can be met.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Spring Thread Facelifts

A non surgical facelift is a non invasive aesthetic procedure that is achieved without surgery or general anesthetic. It aims to achieve lift and definition to the face, eradicating sagging and drooping to the brow, cheek, jowl, jawline and neck.

It usually takes up to 120 minutes from beginning to completion.

The threads or sutures are positioned in the sub-cutaneous tissue via a needle. The threads attach moveable tissue to non-moveable tissue and are held in place with biodimensional cones. Once in place the physician uses gentle compression to lift and redefine the tissue.

Mr Ahmad uses the latest thread material from market leading suppliers so the results outlast many other non surgical procedures, the results last between 3-5years

Facial contour – jawline, cheeks and malar area; eyebrows; neck.

The results are immediate and natural looking. The procedure takes just 60-120 minutes under local anaesthetic at the doctor’s practice. It’s non invasive and as such no incision is made, which means no scarring and a quick return to professional and social life.

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