Premium Breast Augmentation

Premium breast augmentation surgery in London combines the latest innovations in the world of breast surgery to create high-end, long lasting, natural results for people who are looking for the very best in enlargements, implants and uplifts.

In standard breast enlargement surgery implants are inserted either in front or behind the muscle. However, over time drop/sagginess is inevitable and, depending on the weight of the implant, there is either a swift drop/sagginess in heavy implants and delayed drop/sagginess in lighter implant scenarios. Premium breast enlargement is designed to delay this process by providing additional support and employing muscle-sparing techniques.

Similarly to a standard procedure implants are inserted to augment/enlarge the breast, however in premium/hybrid breast enlargement/augmentation the implant is inserted in front of the muscle. In premium/hybrid breast augmentation procedure Implant is wrapped in Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM), which fixes to the back wall and supports most of the weight of the implant thus preventing/delaying sagging. This technique is ideal for muscle sparing breast enlargement and enables the surgeon to create a more natural looking breast without having to position the implant under the muscle. The benefits of placing the implants in front of the muscle are that the procedure is less painful, recovery is quicker and the resulting cleavage better. In other words, it achieves the best of both worlds. This is combined with use of B-Lite implants, which are 25% to 33% lighter than normal implants. Above technique, premium/hybrid breast augmentation is novel and most modern technique to delay sagging after breast augmentation is certain cases. Due to it being a very expensive, not many individual opt for it however it has potentially more far more longevity than standard breast augmentation which makes it worth while in selected group of clients.

Surgery is performed with the assistance of an experienced surgical assistant and time is taken over the final details, to ensure the highest quality results that can be found on the market.

This premium breast enhancement surgery in London procedure carries a 1 year warranty for revision.

Breast Surgeon

Mr Sheikh Ahmad

With clinics in Harley Street London, Truro Cornwall, Birmingham and Cardiff, Mr Sheikh Ahmad has developed a unique breast augmentation package for clients in the South West and all over the country. One that offers extensive surgical experience, a bespoke pre-op consultation process, a door-to-door VIP service and carefully crafted aftercare.

Mr. Ahmad has over 30 years of surgical experience, with extensive experience in breast augmentation with minimal scarring. He’s performed more than 1,000 breast augmentations and enlargements, using a variety of techniques that are tailored to individual needs and demands. And has developed techniques to address some of the most unwanted issues related to breast enlargement with implant surgery.

Consultation includes full bio-dimensional planning with 3D imaging (Crisalix). An essential service for any person having breast enlargement, this offers a unique pre-surgery evaluation that helps the client and surgeon make decisions regarding choice of implant, size, shape and enhancement.

Mr. Ahmad is also one of very few surgeons in the UK with expertise using ADM (acellular dermal matrix/mesh) in cosmetic breast surgery. Used as an internal bra, it’s an incredibly useful technique to prevent capsular contractures and breast ptosis (drop) after breast uplift and enlargement with moderate to large implants.

Weekly clinics are held at his private clinics. To find out more and book a consultation, please make an appointment with Mr. Ahmad by contacting his secretary via email or ring her on 01872 248325.

Summary of Treatment

1-2 Hours

1-2 Weeks


Day Case

Long Term Results

From £15,000

Frequently Asked Questions

About Premium Breast Augmentation

Why OPT for breast surgery?

Volume enhancement due to aesthetic/medical reasons:
For personal preference (dissatisfied with the shape and size of breast)
Replace breast volume lost after having children and breastfeeding
Correct uneven breasts
Correct mild to moderate ptosis (breast droop)

For complications from previous breast enhancement surgery:
Capsular contracture
Rupture/ Bleeding implants
Bottoming out

To correct congenital conditions involving the breast:
Poland syndrome
Tuberous breast
Pectus excavatum
For Breast reconstruction
Correct large volume deficit after previous lumpectomy for breast cancer
After mastectomy

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

Fees for breast augmentation start from £4,100. Different factors are taken into account e.g. type of implant, revision, site of operation etc.

Can Asymmetrical or Disproportionate Breasts Be Corrected?

Mild breast asymmetry is not an uncommon scenario. Most women live with this all their lives without even realising. Unfortunately, sometimes asymmetry can be quite marked and noticeable. This can be a source of distress for some women, especially if one breast is very small and other has marked ptosis (breast droop).

There are four types of asymmetry. Type I and type II are not very difficult to correct as the asymmetry is not very striking. These are either corrected by augmenting one side (in type I) or by reducing one side (type II). Type III and IV are complicated and need careful assessment and correction. They may take more than one surgery. In cosmetic breast surgery, correction of these later types is most challenging and needs an experienced and skilful surgeon. Although it’s challenging and difficult surgery, it’s very rewarding for the cosmetic breast surgeon when the desired results are achieved and the patient is happy and satisfied with the results.


What Happens At My First Consultation?
Your consultation is always with Mr. Ahmad. This is a detailed meeting to assess your current situation, medical history, suitability for breast enlargement, and to perform the bio-dimensional assessment.

You will have a full breast examination, comprehensive measurements made of your frame, existing breast size, glandular analysis, tissue characteristics, and anatomical variations in typical dimensions.

The type of breast implants on the market, their safety, and the ones that have the best life span and lowest complication rate will be discussed.

Mr. Ahmad will also detail your options and alternatives, the potential complications, any limitations, short and long term breast changes, costs, the need for future surgery, mammography and follow-up.

If indicated you will have a full 3D image assessment using Crisalix. This can help customers to choose appropriate size breast implant.

What Type of Implants Are Available?

Mr. Ahmad uses a wide variety of breast implants, including Allergan or Mentor, Sebbin and more recently B-Lite breast implants, which are 30% lighter than other breast implants. These all have an excellent reputation for durability and a very low incidence of capsular contracture – a complication following breast surgery, when scar tissue tightens causing misshapen and hard implants.

What Size Can My Breasts Be Increased To?
Mr. Ahmad uses several methods to assess the optimum size of breast implant, particularly 3D imaging system, Crisalix.

Crisalix 3D imaging systems enables the client and surgeon decide on size based on your proportions. This is the safest way of balancing the desire of breast enhancement with reduced detrimental effects. Most women desire to be a C or D cup but some will request bigger sizes and although cup-size is not absolutely guaranteed, Mr. Ahmad will be able to show you how your breast shape can be augmented, and take into account your preference.

If you ask for a size that is much larger than your assessment suggests then you must be aware that there may be higher risks of complications and detrimental changes: e.g. breast tissue sag, palpability, less natural appearance, numbness, arms rubbing against side of breasts, ache, and future mal-position.

Mr. Ahmad assesses women for large breast implants and advises them regarding the feasibility of mega-enhancement / enlargement. Some of these mega-enhancements may require two-stage procedures.

Mr. Ahmad will always strive to meet your expectations but if there are limitations as to what can be achieved (often related to your starting point) then these will be discussed.

It is important to be realistic.


Where Is The Implant Inserted?
The sub-pectoral (under the muscle) or sub-glandular (under the breast/in front of the muscle) position is used.
Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Painful?
The chest area often feels tight and tender for a few days. Often one side feels slightly tighter, or more tender initially due to an implant settling earlier on one side than the other. You will be able to move about as normal, but you should avoid using your chest wall muscles forcibly, to minimise discomfort.
How Will I Feel After Surgery?
The vast majority of women feel relaxed and comfortable immediately after surgery. Breast tenderness and a tight feeling usually become apparent gradually.

At this stage your surgeon should be happy for the nursing staff to dispense painkillers which are given in combination for few days, but most of the patients are quite comfortable with taking paracetamol after a week or so.

It is quite common for one breast to be more tender, and to swell slightly more (this is often the right side). Similarly one breast will often recover more quickly and this is quite normal.

Although it would be very rare, the gradual appearance of a great discrepancy in size would not be normal and should be assessed. Similarly if you feel unwell, feverish and develop a temperature you would need to consult your surgeon. If the skin over the breast swells and becomes reddened and tender you would need to consult your doctor.

Changes like this would be very unusual indeed, but it is important to know that should they occur, a prompt review is required to assess the cause and treat it.

How Long Will I Be In Hospital?
Most commonly breast enlargement surgery is done as a day case, however if you have surgery in the evening you will normally stay overnight. Mr. Ahmad will review you the morning after surgery and, if everything is satisfactory, will discharge you from the hospital normally by midday.
What Clothes Should I Bring To Wear After The Operation?
A loose button-down shirt is ideal. Avoid clothes that would need pulling on over your head.
Are There Any Side Effects To The Operation?
The most common side effect is feeling sleepy for a few hours. Sometimes the anaesthetic or morphine make you feel sickly, but usually for a short time only.

You may feel slightly bloated for a few days. This is often due to slight constipation caused by medication. A gentle laxative (lactulose, movicol or senna) will help resolve this.

After Surgery, Recovery & The Future

Will I Have A Follow Up Appointment?
An outpatient appointment will be made for approximately one week after treatment.
Whatu2019s The Recovery Time For Premium Breast Augmentation?
Due to the techniques used, recovery time is generally quicker than standard breast enlargement surgery, taking just one to two weeks.
What Bra Should I Wear Following Surgery?
Wearing a well-fitting bra after your recovery is important (usually from four weeks). An underwired bra is safe and recommended. A shock-absorber type bra should be worn during sport and wearing a comfortable sports bra at night is also very useful.

Once you have recovered from surgery there is no reason why you shouldn’t go without a bra on occasions, as long as you feel comfortable it will not have a detrimental effect. In the long term however breast tissue will be more susceptible to droop if you do not wear a bra most of the time.

How Long Is The Scar Tissue Healing Time?
Skin healing occurs in the first seven days, but continues to mature over 6-12 months. The scars must be cared for and you should avoid touching or feeling along the scar line for the first eight weeks. A good idea is to tape the scar for three months to keep the scar line like a fine pencil line. The scars gradually fade over the first 12 months to a pale colour. This process can be speeded up by using silicone gel called Dermatix or Cica-care.

Mr. Ahmad has over 30 years of surgical experience and is particularly skilled in leaving very little long term marks on the body following surgery.

Do I Need To Take Time Off Work After Surgery?
Yes. Please check with your surgeon in relation to what you do. Generally you will require at least one week off. Two weeks or more may be needed if your job involves lifting or heavy manual work.

If your work is very sedentary, you can occasionally return after three days, but remember that you will still be taking painkillers.

What Forms Of Sports Activity Can I Do After Breast Augmentation Surgery?
Anatomical implants (also called teardrops and shaped implants) need more time to settle and for tissue in-growth onto the textured implant surface to reduce future risk of a rotation.

Different implant manufacturers have different types of texturing, which has an influence on your choice of breast implants. Texturing allows tissue in-growth and stops excess movement of the implant, helping prevent capsular contracture.

Excess movement early on (first four weeks) will prevent in-growth and encourage a small seroma to form (like blister fluid), further preventing in-growth. Therefore, you will have more restrictions with your recovery programme to allow for this, and no excessive stretching/movement should be undertaken for four weeks.

With round breast implants the restriction is much less, especially if the implants have been placed in the sub-glandular position.

Are Implants / Surgery Guaranteed For Any Length Of Time?
Each implant manufacturer has slightly different guarantees that relate to implant rupture.

No manufacturer or surgeon can offer a guarantee against long term changes, which will always occur, may be subjective, and are biological rather than anything to do with the implant or the initial surgery.

For example: Allergan anatomical implants carry a lifetime guarantee against rupture.

If they rupture then Allergan will provide new breast implants free of charge (please check for updated confirmation from your surgeon). The cost of the operation (surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee and hospital fee) is NOT covered.

Can I Have Implants Removed At A Later Stage If Required & If So What Are The Consequences?
Yes. Implants are easy to remove, even under a local anaesthetic, should it be required. The breasts will of course be empty, devoid of fullness, and the skin will be loose, usually with some wrinkles and sagging.

The difference is profound as there will be age related changes that will have occurred and much less native breast tissue.

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