Premium Breast Enlargement With Uplift

Premium breast enlargement with uplift is a new approach to cosmetic breast surgery, using the latest surgical techniques and ADM (acellular dermal matrix/mesh). The result is a high-end, long lasting, natural looking breast enlargement procedure.

Droopy breasts are the result of a lack of strength and collagen in the breast tissue and skin, often as a result of the natural aging process, and/or breastfeeding and pregnancy. A standard breast implant and lift will correct the droop for a time, but has a limited lifespan.

In standard breast enlargement surgery, for the most natural looking results, the implant is inserted behind or in front of the muscle, the skin envelope is tightened and the nipple repositioned. Similarly, a premium procedure can position the implant either in front or behind the muscle. But instead of just tightening the skin envelope, the lower pole is also strengthened with an additional breast flap and in some cases with ADM – a technique that involves inserting the implant not directly into the breast tissue but into the pocket of the ADM and together they are inserted into the breast. Both techniques combine to delay sag/drop and create good looking results that last for longer.

In most instances Mr Ahmad recommends that the implant sits in front of the muscle. The benefits of insertion in front is that the procedure is less painful, recovery is quicker and the resulting cleavage better. This approach prevents compromised muscle strength and at the same time provides a natural looking breast. In other words, the technique achieves the best of both worlds.

Although its a high cost procedure, benefit are longevity of uplift with implant as oppose to routine uplift with implant, in premium uplift with implant techniques and measures have been used to delay and some cases prevent recurring drop/sagging.

Surgery is performed with the assistance of an experienced surgical assistant and time is taken over the final details, to ensure the highest quality results that can be found on the market.

This premium breast surgery procedure carries a 1 year warranty for revision.


Mr Sheikh Ahmad

With clinics in Harley Street London, Truro Cornwall, Birmingham and Cardiff, Mr Sheikh Ahmad has developed a unique breast augmentation package for clients in the South West and all over the country. One that offers extensive surgical experience, a bespoke pre-op consultation process, a door-to-door VIP service and carefully crafted aftercare.

Mr. Ahmad has over 30 years of surgical experience, with extensive experience in breast augmentation with minimal scarring. He’s performed more than 1,000 breast augmentations and enlargements, using a variety of techniques that are tailored to individual needs and demands. And has developed techniques to address some of the most unwanted issues related to breast enlargement with implant surgery.

Consultation includes full bio-dimensional planning with 3D imaging (Crisalix). An essential service for any person having breast enlargement, this offers a unique pre-surgery evaluation that helps the client and surgeon make decisions regarding choice of implant, size, shape and enhancement.

A wide variety of breast implants are available, including Allergan or Mentor, Sebbin and more recently B-Lite breast implants, which are 30% lighter than other breast implants. These all have an excellent reputation for durability and a very low incidence of capsular contracture – a complication following breast surgery, when scar tissue tightens causing misshapen and hard implants.

Mr. Ahmad is also one of very few surgeons in the UK with expertise using ADM (acellular dermal matrix/mesh) in cosmetic breast surgery. Used as an internal bra, it’s an incredibly useful technique to prevent capsular contractures and breast ptosis (drop) after breast uplift and enlargement with moderate to large implants.

Weekly clinics are held at his private clinics. To find out more and book a consultation, please make an appointment with Mr. Ahmad by contacting his secretary via email or ring her on 01872 248325.

Summary of Treatment

2-3 Hours
1-2 Weeks


1 Night
Long Term Results
From £15,000

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