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AnatomikModeling/Correction of Pectus Excavatum

Custom-made implants for corrective surgery for Pectus Excavatum

Mr Ahmad offers corrective surgery for patients with chest wall deformity, Pectus Excavatum and Poland syndrome. This technique is less invasive compare to some older traditional techniques providing instant gratifying results with minimal pain.

Mr Ahmad offer this innovative surgery in Truro, Cornwall and Riverside hospital, London. He takes referral from all over UK.

For consultation please contact Mr Ahmad’s secretary on 07478488814

AnatomikModeling and Groupe Sebbin have partnered to develop 3D customised implants using computer-aided design. These implants adapt perfectly to the patient’s anatomy and are custom-made in France by a highly-skilled and experienced technician.

Each custom-made implant is created in 3D using computer-aid design. It moulds perfectly to the area concerned.

  • Easy fitting, excellent stability
  • Improved aesthetic results
  • Polymerised silicone, unalterable and unbreakable
  • Simpler post-operative follow-ups, moderate pain
  • Lower risk of complicationsQuick resumption of normal activities (back to work in 2-3 weeks, and sports in 3 months)

Pectus Excavatum

  • Thorax deformity: medial or lateral part depression of the sternum
  • The most common congenital thoracic deformity (1 for every 300-1,000 births)
  • No functional impact in most cases but a strong psychological impact [2]
  • In women it may be accompanied by a breast asymmetry

Poland’s Syndrome

  • Total or partial absence of the pectoralis major muscle
  • In men there is depression under the clavicle
  • In women there is breast asymmetry



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