Breast Lift 

Breast Lift (Boob Lift) or Mastopexy augmentation, more commonly known as a breast lift with implants, combines regularly performed surgical techniques to reshape the breast whilst also providing extra volume. The procedure is often sought by women who have lost the fullness in their breasts due to aging, weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding, and are experiencing breast ptosis, sagging of the breasts.

When volume has been lost in the breast, the nipple can drop and appear to move downwards. Breast lift surgery focuses on repositioning the nipple and areola on the chest wall, to create a more pert, youthful appearance. Sometimes a lift alone can create the desired result for the client. However, when excessive volume has been lost in the upper breast, implants provide an invaluable solution, enhancing both shape and size.

For many women the results can be life changing; boosting self-confidence and body image, and helping them feel more comfortable in their own skin.


Mr Sheikh Ahmad

With clinics in Harley Street London, Truro Cornwall, Birmingham and Cardiff, Mr Sheikh Ahmad has developed a unique breast augmentation package for clients in the South West and all over the country. One that offers extensive surgical experience, a bespoke pre-op consultation process, a door-to-door VIP service and carefully crafted aftercare.

Mr. Ahmad has over 30 years of surgical experience, with extensive experience in cosmetic breast surgery with minimal scarring. He’s performed more than 3,000 breast augmentations and reductions and other cosmetic procedures, using a variety of techniques that are tailored to individual needs and demands.

A limousine service is available on request, which provides the client with comfortable and private transport both to and from the hospital. This service is extended to clients who wish to have their surgery in a different city. It’s provided at a subsidised rate, is unique to Mr Ahmad’s practice and has been very popular with his clients.

Weekly clinics are held at his private clinics. To find out more and book a consultation, please make an appointment with Mr. Ahmad by contacting his secretary via email or ring her on 01872 248325.

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