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Breast Lift (Boob Lift)

Breast Lift Surgery, also known as a boob lift with implants or Mastopexy augmentation, is a surgical procedure that combines several advanced techniques to reshape the breast, reposition the nipples, and add volume to the breast for a youthful appearance. It is one of the most popular forms of breast augmentation.






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#1 Cosmetic Breast Surgeon - Mr. Sheikh Ahmad

Breast Lift (Boob Lift)

Breast Lift surgery, also known as a boob lift with implants or Mastopexy Augmentation, is a surgical procedure that combines several advanced techniques to reshape the breast, reposition the nipples, and add volume to the breast for a youthful appearance. It is one of the most popular forms of breast augmentation.


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What is Mastopexy or Breast Uplift Surgery?

Mastopexy is a breast surgery designed to lift and reshape the breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning the nipple and areola within the context of the chest wall. When completed without implants, the focus is solely on reshaping the breasts. However, when a lot of volume has been lost in the upper breast, implants provide an invaluable solution by enhancing both shape and size.

As such, an increasing number of women now opt for a breast uplift or breast implant surgery for a life-changing improvement. The procedure can restore the volume lost due to ageing, weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. It can combat sagging (breast ptosis), which can also occur due to ageing or lifestyle changes.

Research shows that over 70% of women (2) are unsatisfied with their breasts. Mastopexy, with or without implants, can be the perfect solution. Almost all cases, it’s carried out on both breasts to restore the symmetry of both volume and shape.

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Why Breast Lifts

Why choose Breast Lift Surgery?

When you are unhappy with your appearance, it will inevitably take a toll on your mental health and prevent you from living life to the fullest. If breast sagging or a loss of volume has caused self-conscious feelings or a lack of body confidence, the harsh reality is that you will continue to experience the problems until a solution is found.

Alternatives like wearing padded bras may offer a minor temporary improvement. However, breast uplift treatments are one of the most effective ways to enhance the shape and fullness of the breast with lasting results. It is beneficial in breast ptosis, which is classified using the Regnault system that groups cases by 1cm stages in relation to the inframammary crease (4). The classification will help determine whether implants are needed, although it’s not the only contributing factor.

Whether it’s a response to ptosis or other forms of breast sagging and volume loss, a boob lift procedure can be used to deliver a plethora of benefits, such as;

A breast lift will give your chest a pert and youthful appearance while you can notice a difference in how your breasts feel. The treatment can be fully tailored to personal preferences and is a suitable solution for women who have ptosis or experienced changes to the look or feel of their breasts due to ageing, weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Combining several treatments, including breast implants (if required), provides a comprehensive and life-changing transformation. The results can be priceless when completed at a comfortable clinic by an advanced breast surgeon like Mr Ahmad.

What is a boob lift?

What happens during a Breast Lift with Implants surgery?

A breast lift is a low-risk cosmetic procedure completed in a single session. The duration of the treatment will depend primarily on whether breast implants are required to add fullness above the nipple. However, a procedure time of 1.5-4 hours is reasonably accurate in most cases.

Patients must complete some admin on the day of surgery by filling out a few forms. Once inside the treatment room, a general anaesthetic is used to prevent any pain during the surgery. Following this, the surgeon will use various techniques to remove excess skin and reshape the breast in a way that causes the least scarring or problems.

No two patients are the same, so the suitable breast uplift method is customised for your circumstances. This is discussed during the consultation phase, but given that up to 98% of women (5) are happy with the results of breast augmentations like boob lifts, you can be sure that Mr Ahmad’s advanced techniques will produce the desired results.

Mr Ahmad is committed to using the least invasive surgical techniques to promote faster healing, minimal scarring, and optimised results. After the side effects have subsided, any scars should not be visible when wearing a bra or bikini.

The most common type of incision is an inverted T that makes a vertical line down from the areola and a horizontal cut under the fold. In addition to cutting away the excess skin, the nipple can be pulled up into a naturally youthful position to achieve pert boobs. Where necessary, the areola can be made smaller too. In cases where implants are used, they will be completed using the effective methods used in other breast enhancement procedures. Once the desired results have been achieved, the incisions are stitched, and your surgeon will add bandages. The result will be shapely and firm breasts – that are also bigger if implants are used – that feel proportionate to the rest of your body.

Breast Lift Procedures - what you should know

What are the potential side effects of Breast Lift Procedures?

Breast uplifts are considered safe, but, as with any other surgery, all patients should be aware of the potential complications and side effects. There is a roughly 1 in 1,000 chance (6) of nerve damage caused by the general anaesthetic. Meanwhile, it is essential to understand the following potential side effects of breast uplift procedures;

Breast Lift surgery is suitable for most women in good physical and mental health. Candidates should be at least 18 years old, as this is when the breasts are fully developed. Meanwhile, boob jobs are unsuitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or show abnormal mammogram results.

Breast Surgery Preparation & Aftercare

Boob Lift Surgery preparation & aftercare

Before undergoing a breast lift, a full consultation with Mr Ahmad allows you to understand better what to expect while also learning about the best preparations. Adopting a healthier lifestyle, which can include maintaining a steady weight and quitting smoking, can actively aid the boob lift procedure and subsequent recovery - and your overall health.

You should also have a bath or shower before the procedure to keep the area clean. Wearing loose-fitting clothes will also be advised for easier access to the treatment area.

Most patients take two weeks off from work while bruising and swelling fade. It is essential to avoid sex, exercise, and heavy lifting at this time. Maintaining a healthy weight after the process will be vital. You may also be advised to complete some light exercises (once the initial swelling has subsided), including shoulder rolls and arm circles.

Women have 92% of all cosmetic surgeries in the UK (7) and almost 100% of breast uplifts. It is also likely that the procedure will be needed on both breasts, meaning you must take extra care to protect the wounds by following the precautions as advised by your surgeon.

What to consider...

What should you consider before Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast uplift treatments are proposed to influence a woman’s life in six key areas (9), they are;

When completed to the highest standards, the benefits of breast uplift surgery are incredible. While breast uplifts and implants will not impact your chances of getting pregnant, they can affect breastfeeding. Meanwhile, the breasts are likely to change during pregnancy. So, many women wait until after they’ve had children before choosing a boob lift.

Alternative procedures could include breast reduction surgery, removing back pain and other issues. However, a breast uplift is advised if you want to maintain your breast size or go bigger while still losing the excess skin.

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Breast Lift Surgery UK

Boob Lift procedures in the UK

Breast uplift treatments can deliver life-changing results for women of all ages, especially when combined with implants to restore volume and a pert and youthful shape. While the thought of undergoing cosmetic treatment abroad may sound appealing, a 44% increase in reported botched procedures (11) overseas should make you think twice about seeking breast augmentation outside the UK.

The UK is globally recognised as one of the best countries for cosmetic surgeries like boob lift procedures. The benefits will easily outweigh any proposed incentives for choosing an overseas procedure. Some of the most significant examples include;

The harsh reality is that you cannot guarantee that the best anaesthetic or techniques will be used when taking a cosmetic surgery holiday. For that reason, cosmetic treatments in the UK can be considered the safest option.

While complications are far less common when a professional UK cosmetic surgeon completes breast uplift procedures, having quick and easy access to amendments is also highly beneficial. However, opting for a UK boob lift with implant treatments is one thing, but choosing the best surgeon for the job is another.

Cosmetic Breast Surgeon

Cosmetic Breast Surgeon | Mr Sheikh Ahmad

Mr Sheikh Ahmad is one of the UK’s premier breast surgeons. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic breast surgery, he helps patients throughout the UK with clinics in Harley Street London, Cornwall, Birmingham, Exeter and Cardiff. He has performed over 3,000 breast augmentations and reductions, including hundreds of breast uplift procedures.

From the initial consultation to aftercare procedures, Mr Ahamad offers a bespoke service that is supported by a door-to-door VIP service that includes limousine pick-ups. This can be provided free of charge to local patients or arranged at a discounted rate for individuals in other parts of the UK.

In addition to using the latest techniques, highly professional and personal one-to-one treatments benefit from having a dedicated patient advisor to guide you through the process. The unique approach has led to high satisfaction rates while continued aftercare promotes faster recoveries and sustained rewards.

Weekly clinics are held at his private locations. Want to learn more or book a consultation? Please make an appointment with Mr Ahmad by contacting his secretary at 01872 248325 today.

Boob Lift Surgery

Is a Breast Lift procedure right for you?

If your breasts are causing problems in your daily life, a breast augmentation of some kind will likely be beneficial. If your breasts have drooped or are saggy, the breast uplift procedure will be a frontrunner.

Mr Ahmad wants you to enjoy the full benefits of cosmetic surgery with immediate and lasting results. That’s why a full consultation is given to determine which procedure suits your budget, requirements, and expectations.

The breasts are one of the women’s most common sources of body-conscious feelings. While alternatives are available, surgical methods can produce more noticeable results.

There is no one right or wrong answer, but if firmer and fuller breasts could improve your appearance and mental wellness, there has never been a better time to regain control.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Breast Lift (Boob Lift) Surgery

If your breasts are sagging or have lost volume due to ageing or lifestyle changes, a breast lift – with or without implants could restore the youthful look and boost your confidence. Not everyone with ageing breasts needs a lift. If they are a source of unhappiness and self-consciousness, a breast lift may be necessary to restore your happiness.

A good candidate for breast lift augmentation and implants is any woman who experiences sagging or drooping nipples. While more commonly needed by women with large breasts, women with smaller breasts may be suitable candidates too. The procedure is designed for women over 18, and for implants, it is best avoided by women who want to start breastfeeding.

Breast lifts are considered a safe cosmetic procedure as there are few potential complications if a professional surgeon completes the treatment. Breast lifts are also healthy as they focus on removing excess skin, repositioning the nipple, and potentially adding implants, and there are no negative repercussions for healthy living.

The breast uplift itself is completed under general aesthetic, which means no pain will be felt during the procedure, regardless of whether you have implants. It is common for soreness and swelling to be among the side effects for a few weeks. However, the discomfort can be managed through painkillers and precautions to avoid injury.

Breast lift procedures usually last for 10-15 years, and they do not deliver lifelong results because the breasts will continue to age following the procedure. If you opt for a boob lift with implants, the second part of the treatment is likely to last a lifetime. As such, many women find that they do not need future care as future sagging is less problematic.

Breast lifts require surgical treatments, even if implants are not necessary. It is impossible to have a breast lift without surgery, and non-surgical ideas like radiofrequency skin tightening produce minimal results. If you want to combat sagging breasts or lost volume, surgical solutions are the only effective way. Thankfully, they are less invasive than in previous years.

A breast uplift itself does not require implants and will not enhance the size of your breasts. However, many women find that they complete the boob lift for reshaping along with the increased volume provided by implants. This can completely transform the look and feel of the breasts. If you want breasts that are bigger and fuller, a boob lift with implants is best. 

The pain and swelling of a breast lift should start to subside after around a fortnight. However, it will be six weeks before you can return to full exercise, while some sensitivity in the area can last for a few months. Most women can return to work after two weeks and are back to their everyday lifestyles within six.

It is common for women to drop a cup size following a breast lift due to the loss of excess skin, but the breasts will gain a better overall appearance. When wanting to enhance the size of the breasts and lose the sagging skin, a boob lift with implants is the best solution. This ensures that you gain the full benefits of increased confidence. 

Generally speaking, you will require three further appointments to check the progress of the boob lift procedure, and they take place after one week, two months, and six months. However, Mr Ahmad can discuss the full details with you at the consultation stage. This way, you will be familiar with every aspect of the procedure and aftercare in advance.

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