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Male Breast Augmentation

What Is Male To Female Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the western world and there is hardly any transitioning woman who has not heard of breast augmentation. 

Mr Ahmad performs breast augmentation for transitioning women at the Duchy Hospital, Truro.

Transitioning women often seek breast augmentation if they desire a larger bust size than has been achieved through hormone therapy. Selecting a surgeon who is well versed with the art of breast augmentation is the most important decision when going for this surgery.

The most common reasons for breast augmentation fall in the following categories:

  • To enhance the body contour of a woman who, for personal reasons, feels her breast size is too small, despite being on hormonal breast enhancement therapy.
  • To enhance the shape of an ageing breast which has lost volume in the upper pole. This is usually combined with a breast lift. Mr Ahmad applies a novel technique of mastopexy with an intrinsic approach, leaving no extra scars on the surface of the breast.
  • To rectify asymmetrical or disproportionate breasts.
  • For symmetrisation of a contralateral breast after reconstruction of one breast after mastectomy for breast cancer.
  • For certain congenital conditions.
Transgender breast augmentation is not an uncommon procedure to be performed in cosmetic breast surgery.

Are You A Candidate For Male Breast Augmentation?

Transgender breast augmentation for a transitioning woman is valuable in enhancing self-confidence and appearance. Ideal candidates are women who have realistic expectations and are aware of the limitations of surgery as it will create an improved and augmented look, not perfection.

Mr Ahmad will thoroughly assess you and will take past and present history before having an open and frank discussion with you. At the end of the discussion you will know if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

How Is Male Breast Augmentation Performed?

Mr Ahmad will discuss all the available implants with you and will recommend the one which is most suitable. Most of the time, the decision is made with you instead of Mr Ahmad making it for you. Mr Ahmad will discuss all the possible complications with you.

Incision for surgery is either made under the breast or around the areola (dark area around the nipple) and then the implant is inserted, whether under the breast tissue or under the muscle plane. Mr Ahmad will use the technique appropriate to your needs and desires.

Surgery is done under general anaesthesia and after the implant has been inserted the incision is closed with sub-cuticular absorbable sutures (under the skin). Mr Ahmad uses drains, which are taken out after twelve hours or so after surgery. Surgery usually takes one hour and 30 minutes.

Fat Transfer

A cutting edge technology to transfer unwanted fat from areas of the body to the breast is gaining popularity as a method of choice for breast enlargement. It is very suitable for certain groups of women. Some transitioning women are ideal candidates for this very modern procedure. Mr Ahmad uses cutting edge technology called body jet (WAL) to transfer unwanted fat from areas of the body, e.g. lower abdomen to the breast, giving a natural looking breast with a consistency to match the patient’s own tissue. Benefits include avoidance of silicone implants and in some cases, general anaesthesia. Advantages include:

  • Removal of unwanted fat from an area of the body and enhancement of the breast at the same time.
  • Your own tissue to enhance the breast, which will act like yours and will increase when you put weight on and decrease when you lose weight
  • Can potentially avoid general anaesthesia
  • Avoids longterm complications of silicone implants
  • Minimum pain
Mr Ahmad uses this technique for breast augmentation under both general and local anaesthesia depending on the patient’s desires and wishes.

The Results

Breast augmentation has a very high acceptability rate. Almost all are extremely pleased with their results and even ecstatic with the outcome. Breast augmentation is a very personal decision and if your desires and goals are met and you are happy with the results, then your surgery has been a success.

After surgery you feel tired for a few days and the pain takes a few days to settle down. You are given a combination of painkillers post-operatively. Usually these are required for the first three or four days and after that simple analgesics are adequate. The dressing is checked two weeks post-surgery. Once the dressing is taken off, Mr Ahmad request you to use Micropore for a further six weeks on your wounds.

You are also requested to wear an underwired bra at all times, except at night time. All aggressive movements are prohibited for at least four weeks in case of round implants and six weeks if you have shaped implants put in.

Complications Of Male Breast Augmentation.

Complications with breast augmentation surgery are minimum. There is a small 1% risk of any significant bleeding post-operatively and infection rates are again very low. Mr Ahmad has a meticulous surgical technique, which allows excellent post-operative results. You will be given appropriate antibiotics at the time of surgery and then oral antibiotics for five days post-operatively.

After discharge if there are any concerns, please ring Mr Ahmad’s secretary to make an urgent appointment.

Long term complications may be capsular contracture, “double bubble” and map-rotation of the implant (shaped implant only). Again the risk of these happening is extremely low if proper precautions are taken at the time of surgery and you have not been too enthusiastic in choosing a big implant at the time of surgery (Mr Ahmad will advise as to the choice of implant).

Male Breast Augmentation For Breast Shape

Male breast augmentation to enhance the male chest shape is becoming increasing popular.

male breast reduction

These implants are shaped like pectoralis major and help to boost the chest shape in males who like bulk on the chest. These special implants can also be used in certain cases of gynaecomastia, where the individual has not got too much fat on the chest wall and is otherwise lean.

The pre-operative discussion, procedure and after care is the same as with breast augmentation. Please read the breast augmentation section.

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