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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Mammoplasty And Mastopexy


Breast Reduction Mammoplasty And Mastopexy


Reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy are two distinct procedures, but they share many points in common.

Both procedures result in the lifting of the nipple and areola, reduction of the breast skin envelope and an overall improvement in the shape of the breast. These goals are accomplished for both procedures using similar operative strategies.

The major purpose of a breast reduction is to reduce the volume of the breast, whereas a mastopexy generally intends to lift and reshape the breast with little or no volume reduction.

Typically, the aesthetic concerns in mastopexy are more demanding than those in breast reduction.

Mr. Ahmad has extensive experience in breast reduction surgery. This is one of the most common breast operations Mr. Ahmad performs in cosmetic breast surgery. He uses two techniques, known as vertical pattern and Wise pattern inverted T.

Both techniques produce very good results. As a general rule Mr. Ahmad uses the Wise pattern Inverted T technique for large reductions, and vertical pattern for moderate and small reductions. The vertical technique has the advantage of minimal scarring and more projection.

There are other less commonly used techniques, such as Benelli or round block, the L short-scar mammoplasty, etc. During the first consultation your surgeon will go through the pros and cons of either technique and will recommend the most appropriate one, depending on your desires and preferences.

Indications For Breast Reduction                                                                                     

  • Not happy with the large size of your breast
  • Very large size of breasts causing other problems, e.g. neck and back ache, infection under the breast folds, etc.
  • Conspicuous asymmetry due to one breast being too large
  • Subsequent to cancer surgery, the need to create symmetry (please see the section on therapeutic mammoplasty)

Is It Better To Lose Weight Before Breast Reduction Surgery?

Yes. The breast shape will be better controlled if you have lost weight and assumed a normal body mass index prior to surgery.

At the very least you should bring your body mass index (BMI) to less than 30 through a diet. Some patients struggle with weight loss when they have very large macromastia (very large breasts) as large breasts make it difficult to exercise.

Mr. Ahmad would be happy to offer his professional advice in this situation.

How Can I Prevent Sagging In Future Years?

Some sagging is inevitable, however, careful weight control can modify your risk.

Your breasts will always change as you get older, and this is irrespective of whether you have breast reduction and mastopexy or not.

This is because of biological changes that occur with aging such as loss of elastin, stretching of collagen, atrophy of breast tissue, loss of skin elasticity, sun damage to skin, smoking related damage, effects of weight change on skin and breast tissue, effects of pregnancies and breast feeding on skin and breast tissue, hormonal changes, weight of breast tissue and quality of supporting tissues.

Wearing a well-fitting bra after your recovery is important (usually for six weeks). An underwired bra is safe and recommended. Wearing a comfortable sports bra at night is also very useful.

A shock-absorber type bra should be worn during sport. Keeping the skin over the breasts moisturised helps to maintain the elasticity (Bio Oil is possibly advantageous here).

Avoid the use of sunbeds and do not smoke at all (both have a very detrimental effect on skin elasticity and quality, as well as micro-vessel blood flow).

Maintain your weight in the healthy range for your body mass index.

What Will Happen In Event Of Something Going Wrong?

It is very rare to get any complications. Your surgeon should carefully plan and execute your surgery. In the rare event of post-operative complications, fixed price packages tend to cover you for complications during the first three months after the operation, as this is the time that surgery-related complications occur.

They do not cover the more long-term changes that can occur in the breasts of most women, such as developing a breast lump, or changes in sensation, and future breast sag. They also do not cover dissatisfaction with the size, or shape, unless it is related to a surgical problem.

Your surgeon’s post-operative pictures are the typical results achieved and not carefully selected photos simply to impress patients. These are the results your surgeon will expect to achieve with you, unless there are other limitations.

Do I Need To Take Time Off Work After Surgery?

Yes. Please check with Mr. Ahmad in relation to what you do. Generally you will require to take two weeks off. Three weeks or more may be needed if your job involves lifting or heavy manual work.

If your job is sedentary, you can occasionally return after ten days, but remember that you may still be taking painkillers.

How Long Will It Take For The Swelling To Subside Entirely?

It can take up to four to six months for breasts to settle down completely.

Mr Ahmad takes great pride in saying that he gets excellent results with his breast reduction surgery.

To find more about  breast lift/breast redduction, please make an appointment with Mr. Ahmad by contacting his secretary via email or ring her on 07478488814.

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