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Large Breast Implants Surgery

Large breast implant specialist surgery

Large breast implant cosmetic surgery is a speciality on its own right and requires extensive experience in breast surgery. It is not very often customers will request large implant breast surgery but there is certainly a demand for this special kind of surgery. Mr Ahmad sees customers from all over the country with this special request.

Sometimes large implants are requested by women (large being an implant of 800cc and above). Generally, women are discouraged from having large implants as the weight of large implants causes the skin to stretch, resulting in atrophy (thin skin) and sometimes, broken skin. In addition, the lower pole of the breast cannot hold this weight for a long time, giving away and leading to an appearance of “double bubble” ,this appearance is due to the implant falling below the level of the breast and “Ptosis” (breast drop) thus creating two mounds on the chest wall. There is also undue stretch on the outer aspect of the breast tissue which causes more pronounced ;outward dropped especially when supine.

Mr Ahmad has special techniques that may avoid typical problems with large implants. Mr Ahmad offers large implant surgery at St Michael hospital, Hayle, Cornwall and at Riverside hospital, Lond


Who Is Suitable For Large Implant Surgery?

Ladies requesting large implants are carefully assessed by Mr. Ahmad in his private clinic, which includes open and honest discussion about realistic expectations and the details of the procedure. Mr. Ahmad advises these ladies regarding achievable implant volume and discusses the pros and cons of the procedure in depth. It may involve one or two stages as follows:

Ladies who have lost weight and have developed breast ptosis are ideal candidates for one stage large implant augmentation.

Ladies who have good volume of all around breast tissue can also be suitable for large augmentation in a single stage.

Ladies with small breasts and minimal all around breast tissue will require a two-stage procedure in most instances.

How Is Large Implant Surgery Done?

Mr. Ahmad uses special techniques to strengthen the lower pole of the breast in order to make the large augmentations durable and long-lasting, minimising all the inherent complications of large breast augmentation.

Depending on the patient’s assessment, and their desire breast enlargement is either done with or without lift. The lower pole is strengthened with additional tissue. Sometimes this is combined with an intrinsic breast lift in order make the breast sit in the most ideal position on the chest wall. Large implants are always put in front of the muscle in a virgin breast however if there has been progressive previous enlargements and they have been under the muscle then it is possible to place large implants under/behind the muscle.

The incision is either under the breast , if no lift has been performed or alternatively is in the form of an anchor or around the areola, depending on what kind of lift has been performed.

What Is The After Care For Large Implant Surgery?

A combination of painkillers is required to control the pain for few days and after that, simple analgesia like paracetamol is adequate. Support bra is advised for 8 weeks day in day out. No exercise is allowed for 8 to 12 weeks. Mr. Ahmad sees patients in the clinic 2, 6, 12 and 24 weeks post-operatively.  

Mr. Ahmad offers this unique technique, which has developed on the backbone of his extensive reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery experience, at St. Michael hospital Truro, Cornwall  and Riverside hospital, London. Mr Ahmad gets referrals from outside the county for this type of surgery and he is more than happy to advise via e-mail but if anyone wants to have full consultation then he prefers to see them face to face. At time this means travelling long distance. He appreciates that it is an inconvenience sometimes but an essential component to proper assessment.


How long does it take to arrange implant delivery?

Once mutual decision has been made, Mr Ahmad then orders custom made implants which can take up to 4 months and some rare cases 5 months to manufactured and delivered.


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