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Correction Of Inverted Nipples

An inverted nipple is not an uncommon problem. It is usually seen after mastitis or as a result of duct ectesia. Some women wish to have this corrected for cosmetic reasons or because of symptoms like itching or the accumulation of debris in the inverted nipple.

Surgical Options And Scars For Correction Of Inverted Nipples

Nipple inversion can be corrected with a simple operation which leaves a minimal scar at the inferior areolar border. Depending on the age of the woman, breast feeding can be affected, but not always.

Mr Ahmad sometimes advises the use of Niplette®, a small plastic thimble-like cup that helps to pull the nipple out, before and after surgery to obtain the best results and avoid recurrences.

Nipple sensation can sometimes change after this surgery, but in most cases normal sensation will return in four to six months’ time.

Mr Ahmad offers correction for inverted nipples in his private practice at the Duchy hospital, Truro, Cornwall.

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