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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Mr. Ahmad is a leading specialist in Oncoplastic and Cosmetic Breast Surgery. His specialist cosmetic breast surgery practice (all assessments, surgery and out-patient visits) is located at the Duchy Hospital, Truro, Cornwall. All treatment is performed by Mr. Sheikh Ahmad.

He has full registration on the GMC Specialist Register (GMC number 4286992) and holds a substantive post as a Consultant Breast and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon at the Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust, Truro, Cornwall.

He is also a surgical trainer for specialist registrars learning the intricacies of Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Oncological Breast Surgery. He is a member of the Association of Breast Surgery at BASO.

Mr. Ahmad’s NHS And Private Practice Is Based Almost Exclusively In The Speciality Of Oncoplastic And Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

Mr. Ahmad is a very experienced cosmetic breast surgeon with over ten years experience in the field of breast surgery. Mr Ahmad has a private out-patient clinic at the Duchy hospital, Truro  every Monday during lunch hours and then in the evening. He also has an extra clinic on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

He also has an out-patient clinic every other Friday in Bath BMI and an operating list on Saturdays.

The two most common cosmetic breast operations he performs are breast augmentation and breast reduction. He offers breast enhancement with both round and anatomical (tear drop) implants. He provides a full bio-dimensional planning service, an essential service to any person having breast enlargement.

Statistics Reveal That Cosmetic Breast Surgery Has Risen Despite Recession

Recent statistics in the UK reveal that cosmetic breast surgery has risen despite the current recession and the PIP implant scandal. The following figures show the number of procedures performed in 2011.

Fig.1: Top Ten Cosmetic Surgical Procedures In UK In Year 2011

Mr. Ahmad has extensive experience in Breast Augmentation and Breast Reduction. Mr. Ahmad uses a variety of techniques, which are tailored to the individual’s needs and demands. He aims for total customer satisfaction.

He commonly uses Allergan implants, (style 410 and the dual gel style 510) or Mentor implants. Both these implants have an excellent reputation for durability and a very low incidence of capsular contracture.

Mr. Ahmad performs correctional breast implant surgery for patients who have had complications from implants placed elsewhere.

Fig.2: Recent years have progressively seen a rise in the number of cosmetic breast surgery procedures along with other cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation being the most common cosmetic surgery procedure by far.

He also specialises in the assessment of male breast problems. Male breast tissue excess (gynaecomastia) and fatty male breast tissue (usually called pseudo-gynaecomastia) requires particular expertise to treat. Excision of firm tissue and liposuction of fatty tissue may be required.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery & Breast Reconstruction For Women With Breast Cancer

Mr. Ahmad has an extensive oncoplastic (NHS) practice as well as a large private practice. He specialises in all the ranges of breast reconstruction for women with breast cancer. He has the biggest series of therapeutic mammoplasty in the South West.

He also has vast experience in breast reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue, i.e. Lattissimus Dorsi (LD, from the back) and pedicle TRAM (lower abdominal flap, from the stomach). Mr. Ahmad has vast experience of ADM or Strattice-based breast reconstruction, in both immediate and delayed reconstruction.

He also provides facial cosmesis using Botox and advance Fillers injections. Mr Ahmad also performs tummy tucks for his private patients.

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