Would you prefer to travel in peace, comfort and privacy?

At BYC we understand that sometimes our Clients, for multiple reasons prefer to have surgery done elsewhere, that is why we are the only Clinic in the south west providing a ‘door to door’ service, In which our Clients will be transported to the destination of their surgery, driven by our designated driver.

Our driver is a registered chauffeur with ample experience , you will have the option to bring a friend, partner or relative along if you wish for no extra charge.

Transportation of ours are often located to various places in the UK, where Mr Ahmad often performs cosmetic procedures.

Here are a just few advantages of using our ‘door to door’ service:

  • Quickest route of transport
  • Quality service
  • Luxury and spacious vehicle
  • Hassle free
  • Flexible/easily arranged
  • Registered and experienced driver
  • Executive car

The travel will be a reasonable priced, additional charge which will be included into the total price of the surgery.

You will be given the description and the option for this at the time of consultation however if you haven’t got a consultation booked and you would like more information on our ‘door to door’ service please call us on 01872 248325.

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