Jumping Breast With Sub-muscular breast implants

Jumping Breast implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world and for years debate has ragged whether breast implants are better off sitting in front or behind the muscle (Pectoralis Major). There are pros and cons of using either of the procedures however one problem observed for many years has been window shading or muscle animation when implants are made to sit behind the muscle. I myself call this as “jumping breast”. When the implants are sitting behind the muscle, they tend to move upward and outward when the muscle is squeezed. This is particularly a problem in athletic women and sometimes a source of distress of these ladies.

This young lady had 325cc breast implants placed behind the muscle. She is a lady with active life style and very aware of the implant movement on contracting (squeezing) her muscles.

To view the video of the jumping breast please click on the link below:

Jumping breast for youtube


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