How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

How to make your boobs look bigger

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How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger: The Perfect Guide

There are many reasons you might want bigger boobs. For most people, it’s a confidence issue. You don’t like the size of your breasts, so you want bigger ones that make you feel much better about yourself. It could be an issue that’s weighed on your mind for many years, ever since you started developing breasts. 

Do you want to make your boobs permanently bigger, or is this just temporary? This article will give you all the information needed to understand breast enlargement and how it’s possible. 

Can I make my breasts bigger naturally?

Yes, it is possible to make your breasts bigger naturally. The right exercises can be very effective for developing the pectoral muscles underneath your breasts. As a result, your breasts can appear larger and perkier.

It is not, however, possible to increase the size of your boobs by eating different foods. This is a myth that a lot of people listen to, leading them to make bad nutritional decisions. Later in this guide, we’ll go through some exercises you can do to help your boobs look more prominent. 

What makes breasts big or small?

There are five main factors making breasts big or small: 

  • Genes
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Exercise

For the most part, your genes are the defining factor. Everyone has their genetic makeup, and your genes dictate the hormone levels in your body. Women with large breasts typically produce more oestrogen than those with smaller breasts. If the other women in your family have small boobs, there’s a higher chance that you will also develop small boobs. 

Weight is also a significant factor – the more body weight you put on, the larger your breasts will get. This is because more fatty tissue around your breasts increases their size. It is not advised to try and put on weight to make your boobs bigger. While it will have the desired effect, you risk creating health problems for yourself. It is also worth noting that undergoing a weight loss routine can make your boobs shrink in size. For some of you, that’s precisely why you’ve clicked on this article. You like that you’ve lost weight but want your boobs to be bigger again. Don’t worry; you’ll find some ideas and tips later in this guide to help out. 

Of course, your age plays a significant part. When you start developing breasts, they will naturally be smaller, and most women will have fully-developed breasts by 17 or 18. At this point, they should stop growing unless external factors influence their size. 

One significant external factor is pregnancy. When you get pregnant, your boobs will increase in size due to breastfeeding and hormones. Some women see a permanent increase in breast size, but that’s typically down to pregnancy weight gain. 

Lastly, as we already mentioned before, exercising will influence the size of your boobs. However, it can do so in two ways. People who do a lot of cardio and no weight training may have smaller breasts because they lose a lot of fatty tissue. Then, you have people that train their chests and will have larger breasts. 

Tactics For Making Your Boobs Look Bigger

We’ll now review some of the best tactics for making your boobs look more prominent. This will be split into five sections covering five specific target areas you can focus on. 

Improving Chest Size With Posture and Exercise

Improving your posture and regular exercise are two of the best ways to make your boobs bigger. There are many things you can try, but here are some of the top tips: 

Improve Breast Appearance With Good Posture

Bad posture is defined when your shoulders round forward and your upper back has a hunch. This is terrible for various health-related reasons but also bad for your boobs. It means you’re folded over, so they get squished and look much smaller than they are. 

Instead, follow these ideas for better posture: 

  • Sit up with your back straight
  • Roll your shoulders back and down
  • Push your chest out
  • Keep your neck in a neutral position

Immediately, your body is in an optimal position to enhance the appearance of your breasts. Instead of squishing them, you open your shoulders and thrust your chest out, making them look much more prominent, and they sit in a better position too. 

You could also do some exercises to improve your posture by working on your upper back muscles. This is particularly important if you struggle with rounded shoulders. Most experts suggest strengthening exercises for your upper back and stretching for your chest and shoulders. 

Strengthen Your Chest Muscles For Bigger Boobs

As mentioned earlier in this article, strengthening your chest muscles can enhance the appearance of your breasts. This is because stronger pectoral muscles will push your breasts further out and make them sit much better, and the overall effect is more rounded and buoyant boobs. 

What chest exercises can you do to make your boobs bigger? 

Any exercise that works the pectorals will do, but a bench press with dumbbells or a barbell is the best option. Those of you that are worried about using weights could opt for push-ups instead. 

It’s a good idea to implement strength training and postural exercises for a month and then see how things have changed. Take a picture of your breasts before starting your exercise regime, and then take one a month later. After 30 days of training and improving your posture, you should see a difference. If you don’t, try again for another month. 

If you continue to see no changes, giving other ideas a go is best. 

Improving Breast Size With Clothing & Accessories

Some of you may only be interested in temporarily boosting the size of your boobs. Maybe you’re attending an event and want to make your boobs look bigger? It’s a common thing to do – and there are plenty of ways to achieve this with clothing and accessories. 

Use Lines To Accentuate Your Breasts

Interestingly, you can get creative with your clothing to make your boobs look bigger. One simple hack is to wear tops with horizontal lines. These lines go across your body, giving the illusion that it is wider. As such, your boobs start to look bigger and wider, even though you’ve done nothing to them. 

The best tip here is to wear crop tops with horizontal lines. It means you get the widening effect on your chest area but not elsewhere in your body. Try combining this with trousers or a skirt with vertical stripes for a better result. 

As such, you end up with slimmer and longer legs and a wider chest area. It further brings out your boobs and makes them look bigger than they might be. 

Bring Your Top In At The Waist To Lift Your Boobs Up

Bringing your top in at the waist creates a beautiful effect that can lift your boobs up. You can find tops that naturally come in and tighten at the waist, making breasts look big and perky. Or, you can tie something around a regular top to give the same effect. 

Wear Deep Neck Tops To Enhance Your Breast Size

Deep v-neck tops are the best ones to wear if you want your boobs to look large and well-rounded. If your tops have a high neckline and are curved, you’re hiding your breasts. When the neckline is deep and in a v-shape, you show off more of your boobs. 

You can also show some cleavage to improve the way they look. We’ll talk about bras in another section, and combining a deep v-neck top with the right bra will make your boobs proud. 

Opt For Tops That Provide Some Natural Support

You can get lots of small cute tops these days with built-in lining that offers extra support for your boobs. This is perfect as it lifts them and keeps them in place. Pushing your boobs up like this will make them look much larger than they’d look without the support. 

Wearing tops without a bra is not generally recommended if you want to emphasise the size of your breasts. Your boobs will typically sag a bit more, which makes them seem flatter and smaller. This is one reason why wearing bras helps your boobs look more prominent. But, if you find tops that provide some natural support with a hidden inner lining, then you get the benefits of a bra without needing to wear one. 

Improving Breast Size With Bras

Speaking of bras, we have a whole section dedicated to them here. In general, wearing a bra will make your boobs look bigger. As mentioned above, they support lifting your boobs up and stopping them from looking saggy and flat. At the same time, you benefit from the extra material layer, adding a bit more size to your boob area. 

Still, there is a tactic to using bras to maximise the appearance of your breasts. The wrong bra might not lift your boobs as much as you hoped – some bras have the opposite effect. 

What bra is the best for making boobs look bigger?

Push-up bras are designed to push your breasts together, lifting them and making them appear more voluminous. They are the best bras for making boobs look much bigger than their natural size.

What bra is the best for everyday use if you want bigger boobs?

Despite being the most effective at enlarging your breasts, push-up bras aren’t ideal for everyday use. They have a lot of support and padding, making them feel heavier than usual. Wearing a push-up bra for a whole day can be highly uncomfortable, and you’re better off wearing one for a few hours when going out. 

Instead, contour bras are better for everyday wear. They don’t provide the same level of lift – nor do they push your boobs together as effectively as push-up bras. But they still make your boobs look larger and more comfortable to wear for long periods. 

Can wearing the wrong size bra make your boobs look smaller?

Yes, wearing the wrong bra size can make your boobs look smaller. If the cup size is too large, you create too much space between your bra and breasts. As a result, your boobs do not push out against your clothing as much, so you lose some perkiness. 

Don’t assume you can wear a smaller bra to make your boobs look more prominent. Well, it will do that, but constantly wearing a bra size too small will cause breast pain. The best approach is to find your bra size and choose bras with a snug fit. You want them as small as possible without causing any discomfort. 

Improving Breast Size With Makeup

Using makeup to enhance your breast size sounds somewhat crazy. However, it’s a technique that many women are using to get an instant confidence boost. This won’t increase your boob size – it is usually done before going out, so your boobs look bigger to other people. 

The secret lies in contouring your chest. With some strategically placed makeup, you can create shadows and highlights that alter the curvature of your breasts and make them appear larger.  

How do you contour your boobs?

Once you get the hang of it, contouring your boobs is reasonably straightforward. 

You will start by using a contour product to create shadows around the outline of your breasts. A contour stick works well here; use it just under the collarbone to create a nice shadow. 

From here, you use a lighter contour as a highlighter. Go under the contour and add this lighter tone before blending together. It should create a nice effect where your breasts look more prominent. 

The next step involves applying a setting spray over your chest. You could also use a powder, but the idea is to help the products stay in place and not smudge. Get an even darker contour than your original one and go back around the contoured areas. This creates a lovely shadow that enlarges your breasts and makes it look like you have a heaving bust. 

Blend things in to look natural, then top it off with shimmery powder. This is done to give more highlights to the contoured areas, bringing out the shadowy areas and making it look like you have a full cleavage with well-rounded breasts. 

It may take some time to perfect this technique, but once you’ve nailed it, you will go through the whole process in just a few minutes. 

Improving Breast Size With Surgical Procedures

Lastly, cosmetic breast surgery can add some serious size to your breasts. The primary option is breast augmentation – breast enlargement or breast implant surgery. 

Alternatively, you could consider getting a boob lift. This is another hugely popular surgical procedure to make your boobs look larger by raising them up. 

What is breast enlargement & how does it make your boobs larger?

Breast enlargement involves inserting a breast implant either between the breast tissues or under the layer of chest muscles. Implants vary in size – and you can choose just how big you want your boobs to be. With the implant, your boobs are given a much rounder and more voluptuous shape, and they are physically bigger and perkier than before the surgery. 

It is up to you how large you make your breasts after implant surgery- remember that large breasts can lead to back pain. It’s advisable to consult with a cosmetic surgeon beforehand to see what they recommend. Usually, it’s wise to go up between 1-3 bra sizes, depending on how small your breasts are.

The implant used during your surgery will depend based on a surgeon’s recommendation. Silicone is the most widely used, but other options also present themselves. 

What is a breast lift & how does it make your boobs larger?

A boob lift or breast lift is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping your breasts. Excess skin is removed, and the nipple is repositioned to help your boobs look youthful. This can be done without implants to completely reshape sagging breasts and make them look more upright and prominent. 

With that being said, many patients combine boob lifts with breast implants to add even more size and shape to their chest area. 

Who are good candidates for breast surgery?

Anyone can be a candidate for breast surgery, provided you are over 18 years of age, and your breasts have stopped growing. Many mothers undergo breast augmentation or breast lifts after pregnancy, sometimes alone or as part of a Mummy Makeover procedure. 

As long as you are healthy, you could be a good candidate for breast surgery, especially if you suffer a lot because your breasts cause self-confidence issues. If you’ve tried all of the other tactics and ideas above but still feel bad about your breasts, a surgical procedure can offer the solution you’ve always wanted. 

Are breast enlargement procedures dangerous?

You are undergoing surgery, so there will always be risks associated with surgical procedures. However, breast surgery has gotten safer in the last few years thanks to improvements in implant technology, reducing the chances of complications. 

Still, knowing that there is never a 100% guarantee that things won’t go wrong during breast surgery is essential. Most women experience no issues and limited side effects, but the risk is always present. 

What does recovery from breast surgery look like?

The immediate aftermath of your surgery will involve some slight pain and soreness. Your breast area will feel tender and swollen; this takes around two weeks to subside.

During this time, patients have to take steps to protect their breasts and aid the recovery process. This means: 

  • No strenuous activities
  • No driving
  • No heavy lifting
  • Trying to sleep at a 45-degree angle

Following the initial two-week recovery period, you can return to work and do light activities. However, you are not expected to fully recover (1) until at least six weeks following the surgery. You’ll have an appointment with your surgeon then. After surgery, they will check your scarring, the implants settling, and your general health and well-being. This article discusses in depth what to expect during breast augmentation recovery.

How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger: A Summary

Overall, you can enhance the size or appearance of your boobs in multiple ways. 

Temporary breast enlargement is possible by wearing certain types of clothing, choosing push-up/contour bras and applying chest contouring. All of these ideas will give the illusion that your boobs are bigger than they are. The size of your breasts won’t change, but it can still give you confidence, knowing that people think your boobs are bigger. 

There are only two options to increase the size of your breasts permanently. The first is to work on your posture and strengthen your chest muscles, and this helps to naturally lift your boobs and make them appear firmer, rounder and perkier. 

Alternatively, you could undergo breast enlargement or breast lift surgical procedures. Both help add size to your breasts while improving their shape and appearance. Breast enlargement is ideal if your boobs are naturally small and nothing helps them grow. If you want to add size, it’s the best approach. A breast lift is better for individuals with sagging breasts that look smaller than they are. It can also be combined with breast enlargement for a more well-rounded effect. 

If you’re interested in learning more about breast enlargement or breast augmentation, feel free to contact our cosmetic surgery clinic today or take a look through our breast enlargement procedure page to learn more




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