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cosmetic surgery clinic

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Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

What is a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic?

A cosmetic surgery clinic is any clinic whose surgeon performs – either exclusively or primarily – surgical procedures for cosmetic purposes. This surgical procedure aims to help improve the appearance of a person’s body so that the patient is content.

Cosmetic surgery is an excellent way to improve the appearance of a body part after childbirth, breastfeeding, ageing or weight loss – or just in daily life to improve your overall self-confidence. Different types of procedures can be done on many areas of the face and body, allowing patients to customise their experience to their desires.

Clinics are often independently run, allowing patients to choose their surgeon and vet the quality of care provided during the initial consultation.

Why Choose Sheikh Ahmad

Mr Sheikh Ahmad has over 30 years of experience with cosmetic surgery, making him one of the most qualified and experienced surgeons in the heart of Britain. Mr Ahmad specialises in providing the highest patient care and top-quality results by bringing new and innovative research to the reconstructive and cosmetic surgery field.

Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

When you meet with your cosmetic surgeon, you will have a chance to discuss any associated risks with the procedure. It would be best to be upfront about any health concerns, as this may change your surgeons’ recommendations and the level of risk the procedure presents.

As an invasive procedure, cosmetic surgery is often carried out under anaesthesia; it is essential to understand the risks of complications in the procedure, associated recovery time and the risk of using anaesthetics.

What to Expect Before a Procedure?

You should expect several consultations or planning appointments before the procedure. This will help the surgeon better envision the body image you have in mind as they listen to your goals. This will allow them to provide you with recommendations for preparing yourself for the procedure and address any concerns you may have.

What to Expect After a Procedure?

After the surgery, the clinic staff will take you to a room to allow the anaesthesia time to wear off, monitoring you to determine when you can safely return home. After a procedure, you may feel groggy and pain at the incision site.

It would be best to allow your body adequate time to heal – anywhere from two weeks to one month, depending on the extent of the procedure. It can take up to a full year for changes in your skin’s sensation or swelling and bruising to resolve completely. Always follow the clinic’s recommended healing steps and contact your surgeon if any concerns arise during the healing process.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding on Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re considering plastic surgery, it’s essential to consider any health concerns, complications, and risk factors associated with the procedure. Beyond that, however, there are other questions that you should ask before undergoing any cosmetic surgery:

Will you be able to camouflage the scars from surgery?

No surgical procedure is done without scars, but a good plastic surgeon will minimise the scar tissue and make incisions in places that are easy to conceal.


Are you willing to undergo multiple procedures if necessary?

Your ideal body image might not be achieved in the first procedure, and it may take other procedures to get the results you want. If this is the case, your surgeon should make you aware during the consultations.

Are you willing to take the appropriate time off work to recover?

Proper recovery will improve the healing process and reduce the chance of infection or complications.

How will altering your body change your self-esteem and self-confidence?

You should make the change because it’s what you want to do, not because someone else wants to. The outcome should give you a boost in your self-esteem and self-confidence or overall improve your quality of life.

Are there alternatives to plastic surgery?

For certain body modifications, there are non-invasive alternatives that don’t involve surgery. This, however, depends on your procedure.

How Much Do Plastic Surgeries Cost?

The cost of plastic surgery in the UK depends primarily on the type and extent of the procedure. For a standard breast augmentation, you could pay anywhere from £5400. For abdominoplasty with Vaser Liposuction, you can expect to pay anywhere from £8200 for the procedure, including any follow-up exams or other appointments.

When comparing prices and working out a payment plan, it’s best to consult with your cosmetic surgery clinic about the estimated total cost of specific procedures after you’ve seen the surgeon for a consultation.

Each clinic’s pricing varies based on how in-depth the procedure is and what steps are necessary to help you attain your ideal body image.

[…] a growing scientific community focuses on educating the public about evidence-based anti-ageing strategies and techniques so that consumers are well informed and aware of genuine, scientifically proven therapies.

Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

Over the years, there has been concern over plastic surgery safety. Thankfully, many surgeons have strived to provide a substantial standard of patient care and education to prevent more complications than necessary. (1) With any surgery or recovery period, there are always risks associated with the procedure, especially if you have any underlying health concerns.

You should always ensure you are cleared for cosmetic surgery with your primary doctor.

Let your cosmetic surgeon know about any underlying health issues, as this may change their recommendations for procedures or recovery.

How do I Find a Good Plastic Surgeon UK?

Finding a good plastic surgeon in the UK can take time, but finding the right partner to help you achieve the look you want is worthwhile. A surgeon who understands your needs can discuss the desired outcome and the potential steps to getting your dream body with the proper procedures.

Finding a good plastic surgeon in the UK is more than just vetting their experience and credentials. But ensuring you’re working with a surgeon who understands your needs and is willing to work with you on your goals.

With over 30 years of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery experience, Sheikh Ahmad has worked with clients to achieve their desired looks through a full-body sculpting process or a little lift here and there.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Because the surgery can take place outside of the hospital, it’s essential to not only choose a cosmetic surgery clinic where you feel comfortable having the procedure. Booking a consultation is a great way to get to know the facility and your surgeon simultaneously.

Before you book, however, there are some critical factors to consider about the individual practice:

Patient Care Standards. Independent clinics must register with the Care Quality Commission or CQC in England. The clinic you choose should be willing to share their certificate with you before booking an appointment or display it somewhere in the office with other certificates and qualifications. Sheikh Ahmad and BYC Limited are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Registered with Other Organisations. Choosing a cosmetic surgeon who’s a member of other official associations is an excellent way to ensure that the surgeon is still in good standing with these organisations. While it is often optional for surgeons to join these associations, it is a great way to ensure they adhere to the industry’s standardised rules.

Surgeon Qualifications. Choosing a knowledgeable surgeon who cares about your desired outcome of the surgery is vital in finding the right cosmetic surgery clinic. Cosmetic surgery as a medical practice is essential, but it is also critical that the surgeon has an eye for what you have in mind to bring your desired aesthetic to life.

If you’re looking for one of the top cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK, book a consultation today with Mr Sheikh Ahmad cosmetic surgery in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Bromsgrove or Truro.

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Are you ready to feel comfortable in your skin and have the looks you were meant to have? It has never been easier to achieve your dream body. At BYC Surgery Ltd/Mr Sheikh Ahmad cosmetic surgery clinic, your care will be tailored to your desires, whether you’re looking for a mummy makeover, breast augmentation, breast reduction, abdominoplasty or liposuction, thigh lifts, and more.

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