All About Pectus Excavatum and Poland Syndrome

Pectus Excavatum & Poland Syndrome

Do you have Pectus Excavatum or Poland syndrome? We are a gold standard medical cosmetic surgery clinic that can provide you with all of the information you need regarding these conditions.

Our team at the Corrective Surgery Clinic is made up of friendly professionals who would love to assist you, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. We also have clinic locations at Truro, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, and Norwich.

What is Pectus Excavatum?

This condition is when a person’s breastbone is sunken into their chest more than it should be. If the case is severe, this condition can cause problems with a person’s heart or lungs.

Corrective Surgery

You can fix this condition by going through a repair surgery. The goal is to improve your sternum’s shape, so your organs do not have additional pressure put on them.

The corrective surgery is done using a custom made implant which is manufactured in France from a patient’s chest CT scan. The scar is in the middle of your chest about 5-6cm in length.

After the surgery, you will likely stay in the hospital overnight. You will have to wear a post-surgical vest for 6 weeks until the implant sets in.

What is Poland Syndrome?

This is when a person is born with underdeveloped or missing wall muscles on one side of their body. It will generally affect their shoulder, arm, chest, and hand on the side with the condition. They might also have webbed fingers.

The cause of Poland syndrome is currently unknown, although it most likely takes place during the 6th week of pregnancy. There are more symptoms than what we listed here, but you can undergo surgery to help manage the effects of this condition.

Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery

This type of surgery is the most useful form of treatment for someone with Poland syndrome. If you have this disease, you should know what this surgery entails and how it can assist you.

The corrective surgery of this condition can also be corrected using a custom made implant, which is produced from a patient’s chest CT scan using computerized system in France.

Since this condition affects people differently, your healing time could fall up to 6 weeks. We will provide you with a post-surgical guidance before your surgery.


If you have either of those conditions, it can be a relief knowing that there are ways to correct them. Our team is kind, caring, and understands what you are going through. We want to be the ones to help.

We are a high-quality, gold standard medical and cosmetic surgery clinic. Our skilled staff can assist you if you are suffering from these conditions. If you want to learn more or schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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