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London Tel: 020 7467 1529
Cornwall Tel: 01872 248 325
Email: cosmetics@bycsurgery.co.uk

A Leading Cosmetic Breast Surgeon In Cornwall

Cosmetic Breast Surgeon

Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon And General Surgeon

Mr. Sheikh Ahmad is a very experienced consultant Cosmetic Breast Surgeon and an Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon. He is a highly trained and experienced surgeon in his Sheikh Ahmad's Private Practice
specialist field and has been practicing surgery for more than 20 years. He is ‘dual trained’ in the speciality of breast surgery (cosmetic breast surgery and oncoplastic breast surgery) and general surgery.

He has had intense training in breast surgery, encompassing both oncological and plastic surgery aspects of the speciality. This makes him one of the very few privileged surgeons called Oncoplastic Surgeons, who have the ability to deal with all aspects of breast surgery. It includes the management of breast cancer as well as plastic surgery and cosmetic breast surgery.

Whether doing reconstructive breast surgery for breast cancer or performing cosmetic breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastopexy, etc.), Mr. Ahmad, by virtue of his oncoplastic training, is able to create  optimum results with a cosmetically pleasing appearance of the breast.

Even in very difficult situations, such as correctional or ‘re-do’ surgery, Mr. Ahmad has been able to achieve excellent cosmetic results.

As A Cosmetic Breast Surgeon Mr. Ahmad Offers The Following Procedures In His Private Practice:

Cosmetic Breast Surgery:

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (Breast Cancer And Reconstructive Surgery) :

  • Mastectomy With Reconstruction
  • Lumpectomy With Glandular Re-shaping
  • Sentinel Node Biopsy With OSNA (Intra-Operative Node Analysis)
  • Immediate & Delayed LD Reconstruction (Autologous Flap Reconstruction)
  • Immediate & Delayed TRAM (Autologous Flap Reconstruction)
  • Correctional surgery of previous reconstruction with complications
  • Therapeutic Mammaplasty
  • One Stage Immediate Reconstruction With Strattice & Implant
  • One Stage Delayed Reconstruction Using Strattice & Implant
  • Re-do Complicated Breast Surgery

Male Breast Surgery

  • Gynaecomastia Correction (Lipo-suction: Minimally Invasive)

Facial Cosmetics With Cosmetic Injections & Fillers

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Lipo-Filling For Post-Operative Breast Volume Deficiencies

As a General Surgeon Mr Ahmad Performs The Following Procedures At The Duchy Hospital:

  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair
  • Open Hernia Repair (Mesh & Mesh Plug)
  • Excision Of Lumps & Bumps

Mr. Ahmad is a leading specialist in cosmetic breast surgery and oncoplastic breast surgery and has extensive experience in his field. He offers all the above procedures in both his NHS practice and his private practice.

Mr. Ahmad’s second speciality is general surgery and as a general surgeon he routinely performs general surgical procedures, especially laparoscopic surgery (keyhole gallbladder removal) for diseased gallbladders, and hernia repair.

Outpatient clinics

Mr. Ahmad has an oncoplastic clinic every Monday between 12.30 and 13.30, and a combined cosmetic and oncoplastic clinic on Monday evenings between 17.30 and 19.30. He also does an extra clinic if required on Thursday in the evenings between 17.30 and 19.30.

Mr. Sheikh Ahmad, Consultant Cosmetic and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon and General Surgeon, provides consultation at his private room within the Duchy Hospital, Truro.