Dermal Fillers - Lip & Facial Injections

Dermal fillers are a popular, cosmetic procedure using lip and facial injections to enhance volume and reduce the signs of ageing. Quick and minimally invasive, the procedure offers immediate, natural looking results, without surgery.

Over time our skin loses the natural collagen that helps to shape and support it. As a result the skin loses elasticity and volume, which can lead to folds, wrinkles and previously defined areas sagging or appearing sunken. Dermal fillers replace this volume by using very fine needles to inject replacement collagen under the skin.

There are two main types of dermal filler. One type adds volume to specific areas of the face and creates fuller, plumper lips. The other type fills out lines and wrinkles and smoothes skin on selected areas of the face such as around the eyes and mouth. The two approaches can be used in combination to achieve what is often referred to as a ‘non surgical facelift’.

The treatment is highly effective around and under the eyes, on deep lines running from the nose to the corner of the mouth (nasolabial grooves), gaunt areas on the cheeks and chin, and lines that have formed between the corner of the lips and the chin (marionette creases).

As a quick, comfortable procedure, with immediate results that can last for up to 6-24 months (depending on the dermal filler used), it’s the anti aging treatment of choice for thousands of men and women in the UK.

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