Online 3D Assessment for Breast Enlargement/Augmentation

08.05.2020 | Uncategorised

In the current environment of COVD19 is limiting our ability to assess breast for cosmetic procedure but Crisalix 3D on line assessment is an excellent tool to get a very good idea how breast will appear after breast cosmetic procedure. This is especially very effective tool for ladies wanting to have breast augmentation.

On Mr Ahmed’s  web site there’s link “On line 3D consultation” please click on that. It will take you through the instructions as to how to book 3D consultation. Mr Ahmad then on video consultation will go through the assessment and help to choose your desired look. In essence seeing the results of breast enlargement before surgery and deciding what is the best suited look.

Crisalix 3D assessment tool to see what Breast will look like after breast enlargement.

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