Breast Augmentation and symmetrisation with B-Lite implants

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Case study of breast augmentation and symmetrisation with B-Lite implants:


This lady in her late 40s presented with moderate degree of breast asymmetry and significant degree of pseudo-ptosis (lack of volume in the upper pole). She also had true grade 2 to 3 ptosis on the right side however the nipple on the left breast was almost at the level (few mm lower) of infra mammary fold (IMF). She obviously had lost lots of breast volume through involutionary changes. She had weak tissue consistency with obvious lack of collagen and elastic fibres. Brest volume was consider to be low-moderate with possible big “B” to small “C” cup on band with of 34.

She wanted to have fuller breast with natural appearance.

pre-operative photo with markings before going to theatre.

Options and discussion:

We discussed option of just breast augmentation using larger implants, which was likely to give her disproportionate big breast and asymmetry observed would have persisted but on other hand relatively simpler surgery. My recommendation to her was to use moderate volume B-Lite implants with breast lift on the right side and just nipple lift on the left side, to give her the look she desired. She agreed with the recommendation. She opted for B-lite 325cc with high profile breast implants.


Surgery was performed as day case under general anaesthesia. Right side was operated first. Tissue was de-epithialised in Wise-pattern and uplift with the said implant was performed, placing implant in the sub-mammary pocket. On the left side again an IMF incision was used to place the implant in the sub-mammary space. Nipple lift was performed subsequently. Closure was performed in 3 layers with final layer with sub-cuticular Monocryl suture.


Asymmetry was largely addressed with the surgery and a natural look was achieved. Patient was very satisfied with the outcome.

Two months post op: Bilateral breast augmentation with right uplift and left nipple lift using B-Lite implants (325 high profile) in sub-mammary pocket.



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