How to stay safe in cosmetic surgery

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 Plastic surgery is like any other surgery with the risks associated with surgical procedures. Before taking any decisions one should discuss all aspects of the procedure with the surgeon in charge of the surgery. There should be open communication with the surgeon and his/her team and all concerns of the patient should be addressed.

 Who and where;

Make sure that your surgeon is fully qualified, cosmetic/plastic surgeon in Cardiff. This the most important way of ensuring that the procedure

The facility should carry license from CQC, care quality commission to be eligible for performing cosmetic surgery.

The surgeon should have at least 5 years of surgical training, out of those a minimum of 2 years should be exclusively as a plastic/cosmetic surgeon.

The facility where the procedure is performed should be fully approved for that type of surgical procedures.

The physician who is in charge of anesthesia should also be fully qualified for his job.

Check the surgeon’s website for all the details of the surgeon’s qualification and experience.

Safety concerns during and after the surgery;

 Strictly follow all the pre-op instructions given by the doctor in charge. The blood work, tests and any pre-op procedure or evaluation that needs to be performed, should be done diligently.

Patient should be screened for health condition like diabetes and hypertension and appropriate steps should be taken to ensure their safety during and after the procedure.

Past health history should be provided meticulously, to avoid complications.

The patient undergoing the procedure should be aware of the length of recovery time and be fully informed of how to look after themselves after they are allowed to go home.

Trivializing the cosmetic surgery can result in unforeseen consequences for the patient. So take the procedure seriously and be prepared.



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