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Breast uplift with implants- pros and cons

 The modern day surgical techniques have advanced to such a level that considering getting a procedure done is not an out of the ordinary notion. Some women, who are not totally satisfied with their physical appearance, specially their breasts can now get something done about it. There are a number of reasons why a woman would want to change the way her breasts look, and opt for a corrective procedure.

The most common reasons for breast modification surgery are;


The breast tissue can sag due to the after effects of pregnancy         and breast feeding. Aging can also have a similar effect as would  excessive weight loss. This results in either  diminishing of breast tissue and/or its  density.

Developmental abnormalities;

The disproportionate or asymmetrical breasts can cause a woman to feel incomplete or lacking in womanly charm. This issue can be corrected easily by surgical procedure. Similarly if a woman feels that the shape of her breast is either very narrow or tubular she can opt for a reconstruction surgery to correct this flaw.

There are many options available to the women today. They can have;

 A simple breast uplift surgery,

 Lollipop uplift/ Vertical lift  can change the position and shape of the areola. The surgeon lifts and  moves  the nipple and areola, eliminating excess skin from it.

An uplift surgery combined with an implant;

 To get better results, an uplift surgery is combined with implant or augmentation surgery. There are different types of implants which are used , the choice is made by the patient herself according to her requirements.

Types of implants;


There is minimal scarring with this type of implant. This type of implant can rupture, or pop. It can rupture in position. It doesn’t feel a 100% natural.

Gummy bear

These are fairly firm and retain their shape. Even if there is a rupture of the outer membrane, the interior gel stays in place, hold their shape


These are very realistic. The membrane can rupture but usually stays in its place.

What are the risks of Breast implant in uplift surgery and its benefits- The pros and cons.


There are the usual risks which are present in all types of surgery :

There might be excessive bleeding or scarring from the surgical site. There might be longer down time for some of the patients.

For older patients with diabetes and hypertension, the risks are higher than younger patients.

Other risks include;

Asymmetrical breasts, both breasts may not be the same size after the procedure or the size at the end of the day may be bigger or smaller than the one perceived by the patient.

Hardening of implants may occur after a time. The implants may need to be replaced after a certain time.

Decrease nipple sensation can be another complication of this procedure.

This procedure is performed either in a single step or some surgeons prefer to perform it in two steps. That can cause inconvenience to the patient.


Aesthetic benefits are the major upside of this procedure and this is the biggest consideration that brings the women to the surgeon. The women leave feeling happy with their body and young again. There is an over all increased confidence. The clothes fit better, and women have positive self image.


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