Why Women have Cosmetic Breast Surgery

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Why women have breast augmentation

There are many reason why a woman would chose to have breast augmentation. The modern technology combined with the ease of getting these procedures has attracted more women towards this option than ever before.

The rationale behind this choice could be due to either medical reasons or aesthetics.

Cosmetic Reasons:

In today’s world, self-image plays a vital role. The mass media has undeniably influenced a women’s self-perception. And the social media has added another layer to it. Women want to be attractive, young looking and desirable. Being in any way less than their peers, younger and older doesn’t appeal to them. The solution or the answer you may say comes in the form of plastic surgery. Different women with different reasons have one solution. This procedure would take care of enhancing feminine silhouette, giving their self-esteem and confidence a boost.


  1. Smaller Breasts; Girls/ women born with smaller breasts sometimes feel self-conscious and want to attain a fuller figure via, breast enlargement procedures
  2. Loss of breast tissue due to recent weight loss or pregnancy:When there is weight reduction, there is usually loss in the fat tissue in the breast. This leads to sagging and distortion of the shape of the breast. The same are after effects of pregnancy. Shape correction and augmentation can reverse this effect.
  3. Asymmetry: Some women are born with asymmetrical breasts. This can easily be corrected through the augmentation procedure.
  4. Sagging due to aging: Sagging breasts are an immediate give away of age. Skin and breast tissue sags due to effects of gravity. A youthful appearance can be restored by surgery.

Medical grounds:

Mastectomy is the surgery performed to remove breast tissue, due to a lump, Cancer or as a prophylactic measure to prevent disease or it recurrence. After the removal of breast tissue, either total or partial, the woman can feel a severe loss of self-image and confidence. Breast reconstruction and augmentation will help them to recover their lost self-esteem.


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