VASER Hi-definition Liposuction

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VASER Hi-definition liposuction ;

Everyone has by now heard of liposuction in some context or the other. Liposuction is used to remove excess body fat and improve the contours and its shape.

As medical science is progressing, newer technologies are being perfected and approved for use. Similarly, there has been a great advancement in the techniques used in liposuction, the latest introduction being; VASER.

VASER stands for: Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.


VASERis a technology where the hard and resistant body fat in the targeted area is broken down into smaller fat cells and then subsequently removed through liposuction. The VASER acts by using ultrasound waves to breakdown the fat that can be removed easily.

This is a two step procedure, where in the first step ultrasonic assisted probes breakdown the stubborn fat deposits and in the second step this fat is removed by using suctioning.



VASER is used where ordinary liposuction is not very effective.


Gynecomastia: Or male breast ; The fat tissue in a overdeveloped male breast is very tough and hard to remove. A VASER can accomplish the task very effectively.


Saddlebags, love handles and abdomen;  The stubborn fat deposits can be removed by VASER liposuction.


Thighs, knees, arms, upper arms; The body shape can be restored and attractive contouring is achieved by this technique in these areas, where the fat cannot be reduced by weight loss.


Face and chin; Facial contouring and reduction of fat deposits under the chin, reducing the “ double” chin.


VASER-Hi Definition;

This is a further advancement on the VASER and it can also provide body sculpting . The fat is removed via the VASER liposuction in the firstpart of the procedure and stored. In the secondpart the fat is injected back into the abdominal wall, after it is purified. The intention is to give a “six pack” effect, by creating groove in the skin in accordance with the look obtained by hard exercise in a gym!

The technique can be used in sculpting arms, reshaping buttocks and facial features .

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