Trends in beauty

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Today’s trends in beauty

The human quest for beauty is as old as human civilization itself. Since a human, man or woman was able to see its reflection in a mirror, they have become aware of their appearance. Beauty is a term which has different implications in different eras and different societies.

In the early ages, beauty was defined differently. Being slim was not considered attractive. The use of cosmetics were not encouraged, in fact it was frowned upon by the aristocratic class.There were other markedly different views on beauty which are inverted in today’s world. With every decade the trends and the demands of fashion change all over the world. And with the advent of the modern communications, the world has shrunk to a global village. And the same trends now exist more or less all over the world.

What do we consider beautiful? And how important it is to be beautiful?These are the questions of the day. Beauty should be of body and mind, together. The body should not only be good to look at but should be healthy too. We can not choose to look good if our health is not supporting it. And similarly we need to have a healthy mind to enjoy the beauty of life. The emphasis should be on attaining an overall beautiful persona.

How important is beauty? Is it the only worthwhile goal worth chasing? We can argue in both directions in answer to this question. We are all born with certain positive and negative traits, both in body and mind. As we go through life, the aim should be to enhance the positives and to reduce the negative trends. In today’s world it is  easy to look beautiful. Most of us achieve this via cosmetics and skill in dressing. The inherent need of each of us to present our best face to the world makes us choose to adorn ourselves in the suitable garments and use cosmetics which gives us the best results. When we perceive something that needs to be altered, we even resort to surgical/ non-surgical  procedures to get it fixed. The desire to look perfect or flawless makes us choose these options for attaining beauty. Is this better for us or should we stick to using the natural ways to get to our goals. This can also be argued in both directions. Self care should be the mantra of us all as it means we give importance to our bodies. We should eat healthy, not only to look good but more essentially to feel good and to be in better health. We should exercise more, drink more water and stay away from all that harms our bodies like smoking and other toxins. It is not vain, the desire to look good. It is an inherent reflex in us all. If we feel that we can benefit from a procedure that is going to improve our self image we should elect for it. Surgical and non- surgical face lifts, breast augmentation, liposuction and various other procedures are now affordable enough for the common woman/ man to be considered as options.  Being beautiful is our right, as long as it is not interfering with a healthy body and mind. Beauty is what pleases the eye and looking beautiful enhances the confidence of a person. But beauty is not skin deep. It should be an all encompassing state.


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