Dracula/PRP treatment

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PRP treatment;

Vampire Therapy, also known as PRP, or Vampire Facialis a procedure where a little blood is drawn from the patient and after processing it, it is used for rejuvenating the skin.

The name Vampire indicates the use of blood to achieve the object, which is to help the skin heal itself. The effects are visible in a few days and last more than eighteen months.

The procedure;

About 10-12 ml of blood is drawn from the patient’s vein and is spun around in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the blood cells. This plasma is rich in platelets, hence the name PRP, Platelets rich plasma. This is then used via micro- needling to stimulate skin healing. The whole procedure takes up to 90 minutes.The plasma which carries a higher concentration of platelets when injected into the areas of skin needing treatment, starts a healing response from the body , resulting in production of collagen by it. Naturally, the collagen production in the body stops around the age of 25, so this stimulates a healing response from the body which otherwise doesn’t happen, as people age..

The results;

The effects are visible after a few weeks. A new healthy glow can be seen on the face. The complete healing and rejuvenation can take a few weeks, depending on the body healing response. The treated areas show a softening of the wrinkles. The skin texture and tone improves and scar tissue also starts healing. This procedure has more lasting benefits the filler injections.


PRP can be used for;

Areas around the eyes: Lines, dark circles , crow’s feet and eyelids

Areas around the mouth: Fine lines, laugh lines, loss of facial tissue/ fat and lip lines.

Discolored skin, scar tissue and other skin textural changes.

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