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Scarless facelift/Silhouette soft

December 21st, 2014

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Front view before facelift


Profile before facelift


Profile after facelift


Front after facelift

 Scarless Facelift/Silhouette soft


SINCLAIR PHARMA is presenting a new concept in face  rejuvenation


This innovative procedure already has a strong track record, having proved its effectiveness over three years of successful use in Asia

What is Scarless Facelift/SILHOUETTE SOFT®?

Silhouette Soft® is a new technology with a doublelifting lifting and regenerating effect, through the action of re-­absorbable sutures with bidirectional cones.

Madeinthe USA, Silhouette Soft®wasdeveloped onthebackof6yearo

experience in the use of suspension sutures with cones in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

It is made of polylactic and glycolic acids. These components are totally re-­absorbable in 18-­‐24 months.

How does it work? Two actions of Scarless Facelift/Silhouette soft:

lift action for immediate yet discreet results:as soon as the treatment is carried out, the physician is able to redefine the focused area by compressing and lifting the tissue thanks to the bidirectional and re-­absorbable cones.

volume action for gradual and natural results: re­‐absorption of the filament component, polylacticacid, helps skin boost its natural collagen,thus further redefining the feature being treated. SILHOUETTE SOFT® is the only product on the aesthetic market combining these two actions.

What about the process of Scarless Facelift/Silhouette soft?

The procedure can be carried out in just thirty minutes,under local anaesthetic, at the doctor’s practice. The treatment should be administered by a physician trained on Silhouette Soft sutures. One or more sutures can be necessary according to the area to be treated.

SILHOUETTESOFT® can be used as a stand-­alone treatment or in conjunction with fillers and botulinumtoxin.

 Which area can be treated?

  • Facial contour– jawline, cheeks and malar area.
  • Eyebrows.
  • Neck.

 Why is it so innovative?

  • Immediate but natural lift effect in addition to a progressive volume action.
  • Progressive recovery of natural collagen.
  • The procedure takes just 30 min under local anaesthetic at the doctor’s practice.
  • Non invasive
  • No incision is made.
  • Quick return to professional and social life.
  • The components are entirely re­‐absorbable.
  • Flabbiness in the mandible area, neck, malar area and dropping eyebrows can be corrected.
  • The effect lasts upto 18months.
  • The ideal patient is 30 to 60 years old, without either excessively loose skin or severe ptosis.

Profile before facelift


Profile after facelift


Facial Aesthetic consultation with Mr Ahmad:

Mr Ahmad provides full aesthetic assessment of the face with the optimum re-juvination plan.

Facial aesthetic assessment includes at least half an hour to 45 minutes consultation with multiple photos (with patient consent)

Mr Ahmad uses variety of techniques to acheive optimum results, including Silhouette thread face lift, PDO to strengthening the effect of soft touch threads, plexr , dermal fillers and botox.

Mr Ahmad facial aesthetic procedures provide patient satisfaction and long lasting effects if all the instructions are adhered to.

Price list for threads:

Each thread: £300

Face lift with 2 threads each side: £1200.00

Face lift with 3 threads each side: £1800.00 (Dermal filler up-to 1ml top included if required)

Face lift with 4 threads each side: £2200.00 (Dermal filler up-to 2ml top included if required)

Face lift with 4 threads and neck lift: £2500.00 (Dermal filler up-to 2 ml and Botox if required)

Price package may differ if Plexr is used to enhance the effect of thread lift.

Please contact Mr Ahmad’s secretary for further details and appointment or ring 01872 248325 to make an appointment for free consultation.

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  1. Please may I have some information in regard to booking a consultation to discuss a Silhouette Soft procedure.

    Thank you

    Sarah Bawden

  2. Hi, I live in Cornwall and I am interested in the Siloutte soft, can you advise me how to book an appointment to see the consultant
    Many thanks
    Kay Hendry

    Kay Hendry

  3. Hi, could you advise me how to make an appointment to discuss the Silhoutte soft
    Many thanks
    Kay Hendry

    Kay Hendry

  4. Hi, could you advise me the dates you have available to discuss the Silhoutte soft please
    Many thanks
    Kay Hendry

    Kay Hendry

  5. I have a follow up apt with mr almed on the 28th of this month in Truro I did note the time would you please advise also I would like to discuss with him the silhouette soft with him if possible please

    Trina stephens

  6. What is Mr Ahmed’s secretary’ s phone number please

    Ann Truscott

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