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Vectra 3D Imaging

September 28th, 2013

Vectra 3D Imaging

Vectra, a 3 dimensional imaging device has recently been installed in Mermaid centre at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. This will allow Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons to enhance their practice in the field of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. This high-tech device takes photos of the breast in three-dimensional mode and assesses the breast from every aspect, looking at shape, cosmoses, volume and aesthetics.

Royal Cornwall hospital is the first NHS trust to acquire this cutting edge technology.


The Vectra XT with Sculptor Application Software3 imager provides, as the name implies, a 3-D image of the patient’s breast, giving a precise estimate of the volume of native breast. In a case of planned reconstruction, it provides an accurate estimate of the volume required to create a symmetrical breast.

Following are some of the salient features of 3-D technology over 2-D:

  •  Superior quality HD images
  •  Quality of image  reproducible
  •  Ability to control the images and vary them according to patient choice
  •  Vectra allows the accurate measurements and predicts the outcome in a precise manner
  •  Vectra enables surgeon to plan the operation
  • Patients take active participation in decision making

Benefits to the patients:

  • Patients are able to get an accurate pre-operative image
  • Patients are able to take active part in determining their size, shape and volume of breast implant and
  • Patients can observe the predicted outcome with great accuracy of breast augmentation
  • In very difficult revision surgery, it provides more precise surgical planning

Benefits to Surgeons:

  • Allows refinement and standardisation of operative planning
    • Allows accurate  measurements of native breast volume
    • Allows the surgeon to plan the operation with greater accuracy and hence a far better outcome
    • It is a great tool in implant selection:
      • Augmentation for symmetrisation of contralateral breast after ipsilateral breast cancer surgery.
      • In breast augmentation; in primary great augmentation it gives accurate implant selection, in revision augmentation it is invaluable for surgeons, especially in difficult cases
      • In new mode of breast reconstruction, Implant based/ADM(acellular dermal matrix) aided reconstruction, it allows implant selection for optimum results.
  • Allows standardised critical analysis of quality outcomes
    • Quality control
    • Learning and development
    • Audit & Research – e.g. lipomodelling/mammoplasty/ADMs/ Radiotherapy change
  • Allows for monitoring of long term outcomes & critical analysis of technique

Benefits in choosing implants for ADM based reconstruction:

Variable volume implant (Allergan Style 150/Mentor Becker 30) – £800-900 per unit are used in combination with ADM for immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy, allowing partial control on the volume of the reconstructed breast.  This is essential in current practice, as we don’t possess the tools to accurately assess the volume of breast to be reconstructed.

This mode of reconstruction is becoming more and more popular due to its numerous advantages to both patients and the surgeon.

Although more and more surgeons are moving towards the use of permanent fixed volume implants, there is no accurate science which can bring standardization to this measurement.

Vectra  3D Imaging provides accurate volume assessment of the breast to be reconstructed giving us the opportunity to use fixed volume implants instead of variable volume implants (Allergan Natrelle Style 410/ Mentor CPGs) at £300-400 per unit, i.e. saving approximately £400 per unit.

Standardising medical illustration (an essential component of breast reconstruction), ABS Oncoplastic guidelines 2010

Additional benefits

In addition to it being an invaluable tool in reconstructive breast surgery, Vectra 3D imaging has an attractive role assessing cosmetic breast patients, especially breast augmentations. Three-dimensional images accurately assess the breast aesthetic with different sized implants and the customers are in a position to choose the look they prefer.

Although the primary role of Vectra will be to assess breast reconstruction patients, it will also be available to private cosmetic breast patients. Charges will be determined once it has been installed and is operative.

We are expecting this to be up and running in the next couple of months.

I will announce Vectra 3D Imaging availability on my blog in the near future.

For further information, please click on the following link:



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