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Differential Augmentation For Breast Asymmetry

August 26th, 2012

Mild breast asymmetry is not uncommon. Most women live with this all their life without even realising they have it. Unfortunately, sometimes asymmetry can be quite marked and noticeable. This can be source of distress for for some women, especially if one breast is very small and other has marked ptosis (breast droop).

Four types of asymmetry are noted. The first two, Type I and Type II, are not very difficult to correct as the asymmetry is not very striking. These are either corrected by augmenting one side (needed with type I) or by reducing one side (as in type II). Type III and IV are complicated and need careful assessment and correction. They may take more than one surgery. In cosmetic breast surgery, the correction of the later types III and IV is most challenging and the client needs an experienced and skillful surgeon. Although it is challenging and difficult surgery, it is very rewarding for the cosmetic breast surgeon when the desired results are achieved and the patient is happy.

Due to his extensive experience in the correction of breast asymmetry, Mr Ahmad has a special interest in differential augmentation and the correction of asymmetrical breasts. For more information on correction of asymmetrical breasts and to book an appointment please contact Mr Ahmad’s secretary on 07772 572154.

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