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Why Should I Have Breast Augmentation? Is It For Me? Do I Need It?

June 6th, 2012

Breast augmentation, breast enlargement, breast enhancement: all refer to cosmetically increasing the size of ones’ breasts. For many women, it is a desire that fills them with conflicting feelings. On the one hand they want to have cosmetic surgery, while on the other they feel reluctant to embark on this journey of apparent self-indulgence. It is an intensely personal and, at times, terribly hard decision to take for some women.

Following are some of the main reasons why women opt for breast enhancement:

  • Personal preference. Some women just want bigger breasts for a variety of reasons.
  • To replace breast volume lost after having children and breast feeding
  • To correct uneven breasts
  • To correct mild to moderate ptosis (breast droop)

Information abounds in books and the internet is full of cosmetic surgery sites, which provide guidance on how to understand and go ahead with procedures. But in fact, there is more to it, for example, how one feels about having foreign material inserted into the body, and a fear of that foreign material causing permanent and serious damage to their system. There are also women who are reluctant to use technology or something “unnatural” to make them more attractive.

I strongly believe that if you feel terrific about yourself, it reflects on how you treat yourself and others. You exude with confidence and self-belief. That in itself is beautiful. We all want to be at a place like that. In essence, if you have been thinking about getting breast augmentation for all the above reasons, you should go and see a cosmetic breast surgeon and just talk. They certainly will help you in arriving at a decision. Contrary to general belief that cosmetic breast surgeons tend to want to convince you to have augmentation, a good one will truly listen, and will give you advice suitable to your needs and desires.

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