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What to Look for in Breast Reduction Before and After Pics

May 21st, 2012

Often times cosmetic breast surgeons will have breast reduction before and after pics to feature their handiwork to new clients. However not all of these pictures do justice to their handiwork, and moreover, not all pictures may be very accurate.

In this article we are going to discover the five things you should look for in breast reduction before and after pics. If you don’t know these five things, you may end up selecting a cosmetic surgeon who isn’t the best one in his speciality and may end up with a sub-standard job. If you do know this you will be able to immediately spot whether a plastic surgeon is good at his work or not, and whether you should sign up for breast reduction surgery with him / her.

By simply looking at a few tell tale signs you will be able to pick out the best breast surgeon for you and avoid unnecessary scarring, or mishaps during surgery.

1. Has Sagging Been Reduced?

Sagging occurs naturally over time, as women age, or after childbirth. In some women this can occur due to tearing of the breast tissue while exercising, playing sports or other high-impact activities.

Most women want to get breast reduction surgery to get fuller breasts and reduce sagging. Just by looking at some breast reduction before and after pics you can tell whether the surgeon did a good job in reducing sagging and creating fuller breasts.

2. Is The Overall Shape Of The Breast In Proportion To The Body?

While sagging is the primary reason women get breast reduction, however some women want to get breast reduction due to having larger breasts than their body. Many factors can cause larger breasts in women, including estrogen levels during puberty, genetics, and diet.

By looking at before and after pics provided by your surgeon you can check whether he / she has been able to reduce breast size to being proportionate to the body. Most surgeons will reduce breast size to what their client wants. However the more expert ones will not only listen to their clients but also recommend a more appropriate breast size in proportion to the body.

3. Is Symmetry Of The Breasts Maintained?

Symmetry is of vital importance. In nature every thing is symmetrical, and non-symmetrical things usually look out of place. You can see whether your surgeon has done a good job during breast reduction surgery. You will be able to tell by looking at before and after pics whether the surgeon has a steady hand and can maintain good symmetry on both breasts.

When looking for symmetry keep in mind that all patients have some asymmetry and all good surgeons warn patients that despite their best efforts, some ‘natural’ asymmetry will remain, whether doing a reduction/mastopexy or breast augmentation.

4. Has The Position Of The Breast Been Adjusted?

As women age their breasts start sagging and will hang lower than the usual place for breasts. This over time can cause numerous problems, including back and neck pain, along with causing self-esteem problems if the breasts start hanging lower than usual.

By looking at before and after pics of breast reduction surgery you will be able to see whether your surgeon has been able to adjust the breast to the right position where the breasts are at the right place on the body.

5. What is The Position And Size Of The Areola?

With breast sagging, especially after childbirth, the skin around the nipple (aureole/areola) becomes bigger, as well as the nipple hanging lower. Though this doesn’t pose any specific problems, it looks much better when the nipple and aureole are in the right position and proportionate to the rest of the breast.

Look at before and after pictures and you will be able to pick out whether the nipple has been adjusted to the right position and the aureole reduced.

Remember if your breast surgeon doesn’t have any before and after pics, it is a good idea to find another surgeon. Even if your surgeon does have before and after pics of his patients, it’s up to you to determine using the specifics above. If you are unsure about the surgeon, get a second opinion before you put down a deposit.

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